Shattered is lost!

Jane Paul, our Community Screenings Coordinator is curating a WWI programme of films held by NZFA including some that have been repatriated recently from Archives overseas. Once the programme has been curated Bill Hickman and other musicians will be composing and recording a soundtrack. The result will be freely available to loan by community groups throughout New Zealand in 2015. Its an exciting project, and is requiring a great deal of viewing to decide on the final selection of films. The WWI films in the programme are mostly newsreel clips and Government films, providing official views of the war. One film that Jane is interested in finding is a drama called Shattered. It was made post war in 1931, by Robert Steele. Shattered, from newspaper reports is a drama about the terrible effects of the war on returned soldiers. Continue reading

Helena Marion Barnard – The Gingernut Lady

Last month we published Was the “real” Anzac biscuit … a gingernut? 

Helena Marion Barnard, from Taranaki, received the British Empire Medal for baking the gingernut biscuit which was enjoyed by soldiers in the trenches from Gallipoli to the Western Front during WWI. After we published the blog, Maryanne Sanders – a great grandchild to Barnard – sent us a beautiful poem and photograph about this inspirational lady:

Suvla Bay Continue reading