53 Years of Fixtures, 1 Collection, 18 Months’ Work – In a Jar

- By Mishelle Muāgututi’a and Tracy White (Documentation Archivists, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision)MishStaples

Pictured are some (not all) of the metal fixtures from one of the largest collections (Pacific Films Productions) in Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s Documentation Collection. Their removal was one part of the preservation process for these materials, after assessment and preliminary accessioning of the entire collection. Fixtures such as staples, wiro bindings, bull clips, pins, and metal clasps can over time damage archival documents by creating indents, tears and rust residue; therefore we have been removing them in favour of gentler methods of holding documents together. The fixtures are either removed completely, or replaced with archival brass clips or folded sheets of paper.

This one project involved:

  • 2 full-time staff members (4-6 hours per day, depending on other archiving needs)
  • 4 volunteers (6 hours each per week)
  • 18 months to stabilise and remove 53 years of staples and metal fixtures, and rehouse material in acid free enclosures
  • 270 archival boxes – containing various types of documentation (including financial records, production records, personal papers, periodicals, press and publicity, books, flyers, posters, still images, artefacts, and textiles related to this one production company)

We would like to extend our thanks to the following volunteers for all of their time and effort on this project: Jill Goodwin, Shona Fretwell, Daisy Wang, and Gema Ibanez.

Learn more about Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s Documentation Collection, and the range of materials it encompasses.

4 thoughts on “53 Years of Fixtures, 1 Collection, 18 Months’ Work – In a Jar”

    1. The Pacific Films Productions Limited project has been completed. The Documentation has been accessioned, catalogued and rehoused and returned to the vaults.
      The jar (which sits in the Jonathan Dennis Library) holds most of the fixtures removed from the paper records before they were rehoused into archival enclosures.
      Research of this material is accessible via appointment and email to documentation@ngataonga.org.nz for any enquiries related to this collection.

      Ngā mihi,
      Mish and Tracy

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