ONE NETWORK NEWS. 02/06/1991

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Reference information

Reference information
Reference number: F104631
Type: Moving Image
Year: 1991
Duration: 0:30:00
Category: Television News
Production company: Television New Zealand

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Air New Zealand is taking a look at its 767 fleet after an emergency evacuation slide fell off one of the aircraft over Auckland, a couple of days ago. The man who found the shoot is angry no apology or explanation was given when they came to collect it and is refusing to part with it. Speakers: John Burrill, (Shoot Finder); Ian Diamond, (Air New Zealand).

Two men, armed with a knife and axe, threatened to take out their victim's kidney during the robbery of the Upper Hutt train station this morning. Speakers: Vince Patel, (Station Master); Detective Hapi Ruri, (Police).

Joe Freeman a 63 year old hunter is missing on Stewart Island and there are fears for his safety.

Southern high country farmers have opened up a new front in the war against rabbits, using expensive but effective green carrots. Carrots laced with 1080 poison. Speaker: Phil Dalgleish, (Regional Council Pest Manger); Val Waldron, (High Country Farmer)

Wellington experienced a quake registering under 4 about 5 o'clock this morning.

The MOT is encouraged by the behaviour of motorists this weekend but is still wary about tomorrow, when holiday makers head home. The current road toll is 3.

A South Otago family has suffered a miserable 3 and a half months as a flood washed away the access bridge to their home. They have been battling bureaucracy to get the bridge replaced. Speakers: Anne Leslie, (Mother), Pam Leslie (Daughter), Barry Leslie, (Part-time Farmer).

Rugby - New south Wales beat Otago 28 17 and Romania beat Counties 30 17.

The English soccer team arrived in Auckland tonight. Speaker: Gary Lineker, (England Captain).


Presenter: Tom Bradley
Presenter: Jeremy Coney
Reporter: Pauline Hudson
Reporter: Carolyn Western
Reporter: Mark Price
Reporter: John McDermott