THE TV2's 2003. Episode 01

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Reference number: F61139

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Reference information

Reference information
Reference number: F61139
Type: Moving Image
Year: 2001
Duration: 0:35:00
Category: Show Reel
Production company: TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND
Place of origin: New Zealand/Aotearoa

Viewing locations

  • Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Wellington: 2003.9737


"The best ideas from the competition where young Kiwis a show their stuff in the fields of communication and television." (TVNZ Publicity)

Documentary "Sole" by FABIAN SUISALA

Drama "Blackout" by VINCENT THOMPSON

Animation "Baboon Wrangler" by ADAM KAY, TIM MOLLOY & CHRIS MITCHELL


Director: Fabian Suisala
Director: Vincent Thompson
Executive Producer: Siobhan O'sullivan
Writer: Fabian Suisala
Writer: Vincent Thompson
Editor: Ben Murtagh

Cast: Jatinda , Tyrone , Loloata , Rally , Filipo , Steve , Alex , Jennifer Lang , Blair Coates , Rachel Marama , Susan Goldsmith
Additional Artwork: Kris Brown
Additional Artwork: Ben Stenbeck
Animation: Adam Kay
Animation: Tim Molloy
Animation: Chrismitchell
"Blackout" Starway Entertainmnet Group Producer: Vincent Thompson
Dop: Fabian Suisala
Dop: Anna Condon
Presenter: Stacey Daniels
Sole A Suicidal Production Producer: Fabian Suisala
Story: Adam Kay
Story: Tim Molloy
Story: Chrismitchell