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Reference number: F1920

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Reference information

Reference information
Reference number: F1920
Type: Moving Image
Year: 1927
Duration: 1:00:00
Category: feature
Production company: Sphere Films
Place of origin: United Kingdom

Viewing locations

  • Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Auckland: 1998.5736
  • Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Wellington: 2004.7349
  • Medianet: Available (find locations)


A young man emigrates from England having been wrongly accused of a crime. In New Zealand he takes a job on a Hawkes Bay sheep farm, where he quickly adapts to the life and falls in love with Hazel, joint owner of a nearby station. The station manager also fancies Hazel, she rejects his advances. It transpires that the manager was the person who committed the crime back in England and, after he is arrested, the young couple are happily united.

(Note: Hazel is actually Mary Judd, daughter of Albert and Julie Judd who also feature in the film and whose names are incorrectly spelled in the credits).


Director: Gustav Pauli
Camera: Edwin Coubray
Alex Dermott: A Judde
David Bryne: Charles Aubrey Ashford
Garrick Carlisle: Moataa Doughty
Hazel Carlisle: Tui Fryer
Jean: Jean Leckie
Mrs. Dermott: Mrs Judde
Robert Fenton: Barton Ginger