Contromano | Bike Repair Shop


Director Stefano Gabbiani

Producer Angelo D’Agostino and Andrea Deaglio

Screenplay Stefano Gabbiani

Screening as part of the New Zealand Bicycle Film Festival (NZBFF).

As polluted Turin emerges from an era of automobile industry (dominated by Fiat), the owners of two bicycle repair shops benefit from the city’s newfound interested in cycling – and recycling.

One repairman rose from homelessness to find love and success, and faces the day’s challenges with an acerbic (and often obscene) sense of humour; the other sees the "protocol" of his work as an extension of his study of philosophy, and takes on troubled youths as apprentices. Both evince the power of the bike as a tool of transformation: for the climate, for cities, and for the lives of individuals.

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