Sons for the Return Home

Sons Return Home

Director Paul Maunder

Production Co Pacific Films

Producer Don Blakeney

Screenplay Paul Maunder, Adapted from the novel, Sons for the Return Home by Albert Wendt

Cinematography Alun Bollinger

Based on the novel of the same name by Albert Wendt, Sons for the Return Home tells the story of students Sione, a NZ-raised Samoan, and Sarah, a middle class palagi. They meet when she picks him up in the library of the University of Wellington and they embark on a romance, but their contrasting cultures impacts on the future of their relationship.

“Sons is often funny, often sharp in its insights, welcomely serious in intention and complex in its working out of a tangle of related questions – an important film.”
— Tom McWilliams, Listener, 3 November 1979

“The scenario of Sons for the Return Home is one of those for which there are two possible endings - the lovers will come together at the end or they won’t [...] But the film is less concerned with what happens than with the whys, and the motivations and ethnic backgrounds of the lovers. She is a white New Zealander, he is a brown Polynesian from Western Samoa. They meet when she picks him up in the library of the university of Wellington where they are students, and the film is about the impact on their affair of their contrasting cultures.”
– Variety, October 31, 1979.

Image: Uelese Petaia and Fiona Lindsay

Please note: This screening is a late change to the Siapo programme, replacing the Panel Discussion advertised elsewhere.