100 Classic Kiwi Music Videos

NZ Music Month May 2007.

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Current top 10.

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Rank Artist image Clip title & Artist name Chart ranking Play link
1 Sharon O'Neill. Maxine,
by Sharon O'Neill
  • 10/10.

Play 'Maxine' to vote.

2 Jan Hellreigel. The Way I Feel,
by Jan Hellreigel
  • 10/10.

Play 'The Way I Feel' to vote.

3 Tiki Taane. Tangaroa,
by Tiki Taane
  • 10/10.

Play 'Tangaroa' to vote.

4 The Skeptics. AFFCO,
by The Skeptics
  • 8/10.

Play 'AFFCO' to vote.

5 Charlie Ash. O'Baby,
by Charlie Ash
  • 8/10.

Play 'O'Baby' to vote.

6 Coco Solid. Crime Fighters,
by Coco Solid
  • 8/10.

Play 'Crime Fighters' to vote.

7 OMC. Land of Plenty,
by OMC
  • 8/10.

Play 'Land of Plenty' to vote.

8 Patea Maori Club. Poi E,
by Patea Maori Club
  • 7/10.

Play 'Poi E' to vote.

9 Emma Paki. System Virtue,
by Emma Paki
  • 7/10.

Play 'System Virtue' to vote.

10 The Holidaymakers. Sweet Lovers,
by The Holidaymakers
  • 7/10.

Play 'Sweet Lovers' to vote.

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