Music Video

by Tim Finn and Herbs

  • Produced: 1989
  • Record label: EMI
  • Directed by: Fane Flaws
  • Ranked 53 / 100
  • 6/10.

Emcee Productions
DoP: Alun Bollinger

"Mike Chunn asked me to make this clip and I agreed on the condition that he organise permission to use McCahon's Parihaka painting. I spent a bizarre stoned night in the empty Auckland Art Gallery with Tim Finn, Herbs and Alun Bollinger surrounded by the amazing Colin McCahon exhibition which we used, shot the shit out of as a location. We found out later that we were only supposed to use one painting in one room." - Fane Flaws in conversation with Roger Shepherd, 2008

The song, Parihaka was inspired by Dick Scott's book Ask That Mountain. Tim's older sister Carolyn, gave him a copy of the book and told him to write a song about it. The song originally appeared on his third album which was recorded in the States. It was rerecorded with Herbs on his return to New Zealand.
Read more about Parihaka and the songs and literature it has inspired.

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