Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hugo

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This was made for the Australian market and shared with NZ...

Michael Scotts Sun Sep 12 12:38:11 2010


This is how a classic TV commercial looks like. I love this short animation as it's so creative. I don't like today's commercials.

Stickers Wed Dec 7 11:25:35 2011


And yet - so predictive of obesity!

Tim Mon May 14 22:33:42 2012


I was trying to describe the amusing KFC advert from my childhood to my 21 year old daughter so it was great to be able to find it to show her.

Debbie Sun Nov 4 19:00:23 2012


I remember as kids we all used to sing this song in the playground. Effective advertising.

Ben Frawley Wed Nov 14 13:30:14 2012


Great Stuff!! I remember this little advert and just how powerful this kind of advertising was as a kid of around 10 years. Still a big fan of Kentucky Fried all these years later. How about the old Silver Fern train advert of the time, is that available on the archive?

Ken Sun Nov 25 00:44:08 2012


I have the original red vinyl 45 that plays this song.

Karen Spink Thu Feb 14 11:02:33 2013


I love this ad. It's just perfect. I can barely remember seeing it in color. I love how the kids are so fat because they love eating their Kentucky fried chicken (none of that PC rubbish KFC for me). Now tell me, was it Craig from Mother Goose who did the vocals?

Kevin V. Russell Sun Jun 29 20:25:16 2014


Sorry guys, you chopped off that bit at the end. Can you restore it back the way it was?

Kevin V Russell Sun Jun 29 20:27:44 2014

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