New Zealand Railways. Rail Freight, Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

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I love this ad. it was featured on the New Zealand tv series Off The Rails, but in it you couldn't hear the lyrics, until I heard it hear

Michael Shearer Wed Sep 29 10:35:22 2010


Drivers don't wear ties any more :-)

Marty Melville Sat Jan 15 22:00:25 2011


About the time thia add came out I was young and my dad worked for the Railways in Wellington Dad used to take me with him and I spent a lot of my youth either up in the Locl or in the Guards van With Dad Thanks Dad

Chris Sullivan Mon Jun 4 10:16:57 2012


Should be our main way of moving freight still.

Rugbyleaguebill Sun Nov 18 05:32:45 2012


Kiwi Rail actually used this jingle for a radio commercial for their freight services in about January this year.

Reece Mon Apr 29 10:11:05 2013


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