Decimal Currency, Mr. Dollar

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My father, Michael Woolf, performed the voice for Mr Dollar in this campaign and also did live appearances wearing a cardboard Mr Dollar costume.

Tony Woolf Wed May 4 11:11:00 2011


Hey Tony, gosh I remember Michael Woolf poppping up on tv when I was a kid!! Was it on Town & Around?? Was a funny guy and seemed a nice bloke! Must,ve been for me to remember him eh?

Paul Neal Tue Jul 10 09:42:12 2012


My late maternal grandfather Sid Moses was the Chairman of the Decimal Currency from the time it began in 1964 to when it finished in 1968, a little year after DC had been introduced. He told me many interesting stories over the years of the hard work put in by the Board to ensure the changeover was smooth, while at the same time having the odd clash with a young Minister of Finance, R.D. Muldoon. Some of my grandfather's memories I can still hear due to both video recording and taping them before his death in 2001. I would urge everyone else to also tape their elderly relations's memories as once they go, they are lost forever.

Carey Clements Thu Aug 23 12:49:23 2012


Good heavens. Just discovered this. "Be sure your sins will find you out" comes to mind. It was as lot of years ago - I'm still around at 73. Memories! - (and what a camp voice that was!) Michael Woolf

Michael Woolf Sat Feb 9 10:10:29 2013

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