Ko Ngā Kaitiaki ō ngā Taonga Whitiāhua

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The New Zealand Film Archive, Ngā Kaitiaki o Ngā Taonga Whitiāhua is Aotearoa’s premiere moving image centre. An independent charitable trust, the Archive was established in 1981 to collect, protect and project New Zealand’s film and television history. The Archive is overseen by a Board of Trustees representing film, archival, Māori and community interests.

Two Cars.

Two Cars, One Night (Taika Waititi, 2003)

The Film Archive, Ngā Kaitiaki o ngā Taonga Whitiāhua, Kaupapa incorporates the principles of The Treaty of Waitangi into its policies and practices. Taonga are specifically referred to in Article 2 of the Treaty and, as a storehouse of taonga, the Film Archive sees the Treaty as having specific implications for partnership, participation and protection.

The Archive maintains a Kaitiaki role over the collections ensuring that ownership of the original items remain with the depositors, and that copyright and intellectual and cultural property rights are protected.

Film, video and documentation dating from 1901 to the present day has captured many images of people, hapū and Iwi, hui and events and tribal areas. Many early films record a way of life that has long since disappeared.

The Taonga Māori Collection is a collection of images with significance to Iwi Māori.

Images of Tā Apirana Ngata, Rua Kenana, Te Puea Hērangi and many other rangatira have been preserved. The collection includes records of karanga, whaikōrero, Iwi and hapū histories, pōwhiri, wharenui and marae, kapa haka, Waitangi Day events (dating from 1934), weaving demonstrations, tukutuku, whakairo and much more.

Whakatakotoria Mai / Deposits
Wi Kuki Kaa.

Wi Kuki Kaa, River Queen (Vincent Ward, 2005)

Anyone can deposit film, video or documentation at the Film Archive, free of charge.

Even when an item is in the care of the Archive, it is still considered the property of the depositor, and copyright remains with the legal rights holders. The depositor can also discuss any access requirements they deem appropriate.

On deposit, an agreement between the Archive and the depositor is drawn up and signed by both parties. The Deposit Agreement sets out terms and conditions for material deposited into the collections.

Two Deposit Agreements are available: the Taonga Māori Deposit Agreement and the General Deposit Agreement.

To discuss depositing material into either the general or the Taonga Māori Collection, please email us.