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Tracking Shots

Tracking Shots the History of New Zealand Film and New Zealand History on Film, has been adapted from the 1995 exhibition Tracking Time, hosted at the Film Centre. The exhibition is an exploration of moving image history in New Zealand.

This exhibition is ongoing and will be added to regularly. Is there a topic you’d like to see included? Is anyone conspicuous by their absence? We’d love to hear your suggestions, email us.

Close Ups on NZ Film History

At the bottom of the globe and far away from the film making capitals of the world New Zealand was home to "the electric marvel of the century", Otaki was "the Los Angelos of New Zealand" and Jack Welsh was doing sound tests in his backyard studio.

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Flashbacks - NZ History on Film

In the earliest days of cinema New Zealanders caught the bug, and it didn’t take long for a movie-going nation to become a movie-making nation. From garden parties with the neighbours, to the first triumphant flight of a kiwi-built plane, we caught it all on film.

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Cast and Crew

“If we don’t make New Zealand movies, no one else will” – Gaylene Preston. The battle to establish a film industry in New Zealand was hard won. Meet the pioneers and those who follow in their footsteps today.

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