To enable free access to our film and video collections from around the country we have developed medianet, a computer-based digital video resource.

Medianet, point & click your way to hundreds of films

View our film and video collections around the country through medianet - a digital database where you can watch over 1000 short films, features, documentaries, television commercials and more.

Through medianet you can search our catalogue, browse the collection by category, decade, title or through descriptive tags, and view full length videos at full screen quality. Playlists provide specifically curated content of interest to local communities.

Click on the list of regions to the right to find a medianet site near you.

It’s fast and free. Just point and click to browse hours of footage.

Download a medianet information flyer here.


Your region not listed?
If you know an institution in your town that would be interested in joining the medianet network please email the Project Developer