Board Reports

Recent reports from meetings of the Board of Trustees are available below. From December 2016 we have provided these in summary form.

Additional Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision corporate publications, including Annual Reports, can be read in the Corporate Information section of this site.

Note: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision was formed by the amalgamation of the New Zealand Film Archive, Sound Archives Ngā Taonga Kōrero, and the Television New Zealand Archive between 2012 and 2014. Prior to August 2014, the former organisation names are used in all documents.

Board Reports

  Board Report Summary 8 December 2017

  • The Fundraising and Property Committee were separated into two Committees. The Board appointed Lisa Bates as Chair of the Fundraising Committee and Simon Murdoch as Chair of the Property Committee.
  • The Board resolved that BDO Wellington be reappointed as Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s auditor for the 2017/18 financial year.
  • The Board discussed the Te Anakura property and the different options for the future, including bringing the building up to standard or relocating to a different site.
  • The Board gave their farewells to two invaluable and long serving Trustees, Judith Fyfe and Jane Kominik, as they come to the end of their second three-year term.

 Board Report Summary 15 February 2018

  • The Board discussed the Kaupapa Centered Development Work Programme, in particular the recent te Tiriti o Waitangi sessions and the progress of the Kaupapa Centred Induction project.
  • The Chief Executive will travel to Prague in April to present a paper at the International Federation of Film Archives Conference and will also visit some European counterparts of Ngā Taonga.
  • The Board discussed Ngā Taonga’s Fundraising Strategy and agreed to halt the Patronage Campaign.
  • The Board appointed Te Rau Kupenga as Chair of the Performance & Appointments Committee.

 Board Report Summary 12 April 2018

  • Officials from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage joined the Board for a working lunch and discussed collaboration within the sector and Ngā Taonga’s property position.
  • The Board noted the change of emphasis in the Fundraising Strategy and agreed to employ someone to lead the strategy.
  • The Board continued discussions on Ngā Taonga’s Property Strategy and possible options for relocation.
  • The Board noted the Audience Engagement Strategy update and answered some questions put forward by the paper.

Board Report Summary 14 June 2018

  • The Chief Executive briefed the Board on her recent trip to Europe for the International Federation of Film Archives Conference and meetings with Ngā Taonga’s European counterparts, all of which were useful and inspiring.
  • The Business Plan and Budget were discussed by the Board. Further work will be done to the Business Plan and Budget and presented to the Board at their next meeting.
  • The Board reviewed the draft Annual Report.
  • The Board discussed the National Archival and Library Institutions (NALI) Review and the future status of Ngā Taonga as an organisation.

Board Report Summary 16 August 2018

  • Simon Murdoch was re-elected Chair of the Board of Trustees by unanimous vote.
  • The Board discussed plans for Ngā Taonga’s relocation to the National Library and the budget for the move.
  • The Chair, Chief Executive and Emily Loughnan briefed the Board on their visits to the Wellington National Archival and Library Institutions (NALI) roadshows.
  • The Board evaluated the options for Ngā Taonga’s NALI Review submission, which the Chief Executive will submit this month.

Board Report Summary 17 October 2018

  • The process and outcome of the 2017/8 audit were noted and the Board unanimously approved the Financial Statements for 2017/18.
  • The Board approved the Annual Report.
  • The Board discussed the National Archival and Library Institutions (NALI) Review progress.
  • The Pou Ārahi joined the Board to present the Employee Engagement Survey Results, which the Board agreed were positive.

Board Report Summary 6 December 2018

  • The Board invited Jock Phillips to join as a Co-opted Trustee.
  • BDO Wellington was reappointed by the Board as auditor for the 2018/19 financial year.
  • The Board discussed the project plan for the move to the National Library building, taking into consideration feedback from staff.

Board Report Summaries 2016-17

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