Te Ao Pāpāho Māori – He Ara Hou (Māori Media Sector – Shift Options)

Pānuihia mā te reo Māori

Te Ao Pāpāho Māori – He Ara Hou (Māori Media Sector – Shift Options) is a programme reviewing the landscape of Māori media. The Government has consulted with the sector throughout 2018 and 2019 and is considering issues that had been flagged. Below is an adaptation of the submission made by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision – we advocate for a greater focus on archiving Taonga Māori content. You can read the original submission here.

As Aotearoa New Zealand’s only national audiovisual archive, Ngā Taonga believes that archival repositories are an integral part of a revised Māori Media ecosystem. Ngā Taonga is the primary pātaka or storehouse for archiving analogue and digital content created by iwi radio stations, Māori Television, TVNZ (Television New Zealand) and RNZ (Radio New Zealand).

It is essential that Taonga Māori created now is saved for the future – just as it is crucial that the voices and images of the past can tell their stories today. Our Taonga Māori collection is widely recognised as a significant repository of te reo and mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge). The richness of te reo archival taonga is unlocked through the processes of acquisition, preservation, transcription, cataloguing and sharing. At Ngā Taonga, te reo Māori is revered as a taonga in its own right. We also acknowledge the crucial role our peer heritage agencies the National Library (including the Alexander Turnbull Library), Archives New Zealand and Te Papa play in caring for taonga Māori.

As the primary pātaka for audiovisual taonga, we understand its immense value. Since its inception, the Archive has operated as the kaipupuri (archival steward) of the material for kaitiaki (enduring traditional owners) of the Taonga Māori in our care. We have made considerable investment in technologies, security infrastructure and staff. For this reason, we believe we are well-positioned to partner with the proposed Digital Pātaka.

In addition to proper investment and expertise, we believe relationships are crucial both to our work and that of the wider Māori media ecosystem. Kaitiaki are fundamental to the work of Ngā Taonga, and we created a Kaitiaki Relationship Framework that was launched on 1 July. The Framework informs how we identify kaitiaki, how we manage kaitiaki rights and kaitiaki relationships, and the appropriate whakawātea (clearances) process around re-use. It enables kaitiaki to maintain an enduring relationship with their Taonga Māori and ensures culturally appropriate use. This is among the first frameworks of its kind in New Zealand’s GLAM sector.

Archiving and broadcasting go hand-in-hand. With a more unified media sector, wider audiences and communities can be reached. We recognise the important role of Māori Television and Iwi Media in communicating with Māori and other communities, and covering local stories. This reach and coverage was particularly well demonstrated during the Covid-19 lockdown. This content can be archived, before being shared with future audiences.

Whatever shape the Māori media ecosystem takes, its content creation will require increased archival workflow demands. We believe any centralised mātauranga Māori production capacity should be matched by increases in Māori archiving capacity, including the creation of jobs. Content funding should include corresponding and coordinated long-term archiving capacity. Preservation of, and access to, heritage records should be part of any new media creation and funding.

From an archival perspective, the proposed model could streamline the process for archiving Māori media, but it is also essential to include archiving as a key consideration of He Ara Hou and the media ecosystem. This will help ensure te reo and mātauranga Māori are rightly treated as taonga, and that Taonga Māori are appropriately housed in pātaka and are available to future generations.

Te Ao Pāpāho Māori – He Ara Hou

He hōtaka a ‘Te Ao Pāpāho Māori – He Ara Hou (Māori Media Sector – Shift Options) hei aromatawai i te ao pāpāho Māori. Kua hui haere te Kāwanatanga i taua hunga i ngā tau 2018, 2019 hoki. Kei te aro ia ināianei ki ngā take i whakaarahia ake. Kei raro nei tētehi whakarāpopototanga o te tāpaenga a Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision. Tirohia te whānuitanga o ngā kōrero ki. 

E mārama ana a Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision me wewete ngā whakahoutanga e whakaarotia nei mō Te Ao Pāpāho Māori – He Ara Hou, ā, e harikoa ana mātou ki te tuku tāpaenga. I te tirohanga a te tangata mahi pūranga, tērā te huarahi māmā e āhei ai ngā mahi pūranga i ngā pāhotanga Māori. Me kuhu rawa hoki ngā mahi pūranga ki ngā whiringa mō He Ara Hou, ka tika.

Ko mātou anake te pūranga ataata-rongo o Aotearoa. Nō reira e whakapono ana a Ngā Taonga he wāhanga nui tō ngā taonga e puruhia ana e mātou hei koha, hei whakanui i te ao pāpāho Māori hou. Ko Ngā Taonga te pūranga matua hei pātaka pupuru i ngā taonga tawhito, matihiko hoki i hangaia e ngā reo irirangi, e Whakaata Māori, e Irirangi Aotearoa.

E tika ana kia pūmautia ngā Taonga Māori nō ēnei rangi mō ngā rā kei tua – kia rongo tonutia ngā reo me ngā whakaahua o mua i ēnei rangi hoki.

E mōhiotia ana tā tatou kohinga Taonga Māori hei tino kohinga reo Māori, mātauranga Māori hoki. Ka kitea te papai rawa o ēnei taonga i roto i ngā mahi rokiroki, tiki, tuhi, whakarārangi, toha haere hoki. E hapaitia ana e Nga Taonga te reo Māori hei taonga motuhake.

Haere tahi ai te mahi pūranga me te mahi pāho. Ki te whakakotahi anō te ao pāpāho, ka toro whānui atu ki ētahi atu hapori. Heoi anō, kia pūranga ēnei pāhotanga i mua i te toha haere ki ngā iwi o āpōpō.

E mōhio ana mātou ki te mahi whakahirahira a Whakaata Māori me ngā kaipāpāho ā-iwi hei pāho i ngā kōrero ki ngā Māori me ētehi atu hapori, hei hopu hoki i ngā kaupapa kōrero a ngā rohe. I kitea rawatia tēnei āhuatanga i te wā o te noho mohoao i te mate urutā COVID-19. E mihi ana mātou ki te mahi nui a ō mātou hoa pūranga, arā, ko Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa (me te Whare Pukapuka o Alexander Turnbull), ko Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga, ā, ko Te Papa Taongarewa hoki,  he manaaki rātou i ngā taonga Māori.

E mōhio ana mātou i te wāriu nui e pā ana ki tō mātou tū hei pātaka taonga ataata-rongo Māori matua. Kua roa mātou e pupuri ana i ngā Taonga Māori a ngā kaitiaki. Kua hokona rawa e mātou ētahi purure, taonga whakaita, kua utua hoki ngā pūkenga tāngata. Nō reira e tika ana tō mātou tū hei hoa mō te Pātaka Matihiko kua whārikitia.

Hei tāpiri ki ēnei utunga me ngā pūkenga, ka whakapono mātou ko te whakawhanaungatanga te ara tika mō mātou me te ao Māori whānui. He tūranga matua tō ngā kaitiaki i roto i ngā mahi a Ngā Taonga.  I whakaritea e mātou he Herenga Kaitiaki, i whakarewaina i te 1 o Hōngongoi. Kei te kaupapa nei tō mātou huarahi kimi kaitiaki, me te huarahi tika hei whakawātea, hei whakamahi anō hoki I ngā Taonga Māori. Ki konei ngā kaitiaki mau ai te hononga ki ā rātou Taonga Māori me te whakatau i te mahinga tika. Kātahi anō tētehi Herenga Kaitiaki pēnei ka tuhia i roto i ngā whare pupuru taonga o Aotearoa.

Ahakoa ka pēhea te haere a te ao Pāpāho Māori, ka nui ake te mahi whakapūranga. E whakapono ana mātou, kia kotahi te haere o te hanga hōtaka Māori, te whakapūranga Maōri, hui mai ko te whakaako kaimahi hou. Me āta whai wāhi ngā mahi pūranga ki roto i ngā pūtea hanga hōtaka, ā haere ake nei. Me kuhu te mahi rokiroki, toro hoki i ngā taonga tuku iho ki ngā pūtea mahi hōtaka.

Kei te whakapono a Ngā Taonga ka māmā anō tā mātou mahi pūranga ki raro i ngā huarahi Ao Pāpāho Māori hou. Me mātua kuhu rawa ngā āhuatanga pūranga ki ngā kōrerotanga mō te ao pāpāho. Ki konei noho tonu ai te aro ki te reo me te mātauranga Māori hei taonga, ā, kei te tika te pupuru o ngā Taonga Māori ki roto i ngā pātaka, te whakawātea hoki ki ngā uri whakatupu.

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