Audio Curios: Defence Lawyers and Sexual Violence

Trigger warning: this item contains descriptions of court cases involving sexual violence.

Barrister and journalist Catriona MacLennan speaks at the 2nd annual Louise Nicholas Day to review responses to sexual violence, held in Auckland (Radio New Zealand, 31 March 2015). She discusses the need to change the ways defence lawyers operate and law students are trained in order to ensure that victims are adequately supported and given justice.

Louise Nicholas Day was held for the first time in 2014. The date of Louise Nicholas Day, 31st March, marks the anniversary of the day in 2006 when three existing and former members of the New Zealand Police were acquitted on all 20 charges of the sexual violation of Louise.

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This post is part of the Audio Curios series. Radio Collection Developer Gareth Watkins regularly comes across interesting and unique bits of audio during his accessioning work. He’s going to share some of these audio treasures with you in the Audio Curios series, which will be posted here on the Gauge blog frequently during 2015.

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