Favourite Collection Items – First Radio Hauraki Breakfast broadcast

We’ve asked staff to describe an item from the collection that they really like. Here’s Marketing and Communications Advisor David Klein.

One item in our collection that I was stunned to hear is [Radio Hauraki First Breakfast Broadcast 1966-12-05.]. Yes, the first broadcast of the Radio Hauraki breakfast show. This took place on 5 December 1966, from a boat in the Hauraki Gulf.

Radio Hauraki flag. Courtesy AudioCulture.

I watch and listen to archival material every day at work, but this one really surprised me. It struck me as such a fleeting moment – a pirate radio broadcast. I didn’t imagine we would have it in the archive. I didn’t imagine anyone would have it. Just then and gone, into the ether.

It turns out though that this was an off-air recording by the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation – perhaps to keep an eye on the upstarts. The radio landscape in 1960s New Zealand was very different – the recording certainly captured a feel of the country many years prior to my birth.

Listen to the Breakfast broadcast

Audioculture provide a good background to the emergence of Hauraki.

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