‘Too Clean for Dandruff!’ B Side Jingles from our TV and Radio Collections

What makes a good jingle? Is it more than just ‘catchy and clever’? Maybe instantly memorable, inane or frustrating. We wanted to take a look at some advertising jingles that, even in a small way, have soundtracked parts of our lives. We’re looking at the ‘B sides’, those tunes that may have been forgotten – some rightly so!

The ‘A side’ commercials – big iconic ads and a couple of staff favourites – can be read here.

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Novus, ‘Show Us Your Crack’ (2003)

Sorry/not sorry. You know the one and it’ll probably be in your head for the rest of the day.


Matinée Cigarettes, ‘It’s Modern To Say Mine’s a Matinee’ (1965)

The modern, smooth taste of 1965 was New Zealand-made Matinée Cigarettes. This Pacific Films made ad has a slow swinging lounge tune, and places cigarettes as the romantic centre of a date. Cigarette advertising was banned from New Zealand television in 1963, so this would’ve been shown in cinemas.

Matinée Cigarettes

Blue Clinic Shampoo (1961)

This catchy and technical jingle was suggested by our Digital Preservation Manager Kate. Blue Clinic included ‘hair cleanser, scalp purifier and anti-dandruff ingredient 344-tricholorocarbanilide’ – from an age perhaps when science could solve any problem.

Loxene Haircream, Barber (1964)

‘This song rules,’ says communications staff member David. ‘I love how it rhymes “medicated” with “sophisticated”.’ Plus, you could walk out of the barber with a lady on each arm.

Loxene Haircream

Band-Aid, ‘Stuck on Band-Aid’ (1980)

Roger Donaldson and co. got kids giving their all in this catchy tune from 1980. This one has us wondering – where are they now ? Are any of these children still acting, and did they ever get this tune out of their heads?


Peach Sausages ‘Winter’ (1983)
See how you and piles of meat could be the star of a 1980s social function in this Peach Sausages commercial. The circular jingle – ‘oh what a peach of an idea’ – is combined with scenes of happy sausage fans.

Peach Sausages

Cadbury, ‘Kind of Kinky’ (1976)

Two big names in New Zealand music team up for this one – singer and jingle maestro Murray Grindlay plus Dragon lead singer Marc Hunter. The result is a pink garish disco… ‘Pinky!… some people say you’re kind of kinky.’ ‘Kind of a weird thing to say to a chocolate bar,’ notes Una from Marketing. ‘Nice eyeliner though’.


Gerard Roofs, ‘John Rowles’ (1985)

Singer John Rowles, of “Cheryl Moana Marie” fame, brought big hair and a lot of star power to this ad for a roofing company. ‘Rite tonu te whakahua a te pū ‘g’ a Hone Rowles e pēnei ana, kua tapepe tana reo,’ says our Poutaki Taonga Māori Gareth, referring to how easy it would be to get tongue-tied.

Gerard Roofs 

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