Memories of summers past with Gregg’s Coffee

We’ve had a bit of a halcyon summer and its great to see another blue sparkler in Wellington today (despite the breeze)! So in the spirit of summer, we thought we’d re-share this 1970 TV advertisement filmed at Wellington’s Oriental Bay with you.

Gregg’s Coffee – Different Faces (Pacific Films, 1970)

This advertisement was part of a wider “Different Faces” series of ads promoting Gregg’s coffee, which all present an idyllic picture of a New Zealand characterised by racial and generational diversity. A range of people enjoy the outdoors – having fun on the sand, in the water, in a park, and on a yacht. You can watch another ad in the “Different Faces” series here.

It is just one amongst tens of thousands of television advertisements held in the collections of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, dating back to the birth of commercial TV in New Zealand in 1961. If you’re interested in checking out more nostalgic TV or radio ads, we’ve developed an online exhibition showcasing some of the classics – Sellebration. You’ll find some real gems – remember the Ches and Dale ad from the 1960s; KFC and Cadbury Pinky ads from the 1970s; the “Dear John” or Beaurepaires “Along Came Vince” ads from the 1980s; and the Toyota “Bugger” and Vogels ads from the 1990s or the ASB “Goldstein” ad from 2007?

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