The medialibrary is our Wellington viewing library. Here you can watch over 65,000 items from the moving image collection free of charge.


Open Hours

Mon - Fri: 12 noon - 4pm

What is in the Medialibrary?

The medialibrary houses viewing copies of thousands of historical and contemporary:

  • feature films 
  • television shows  
  • documentaries  
  • short films  
  • newsreels  
  • home movies  
  • children’s films  
  • advertisements  
  • compilations of footage on aspects of New Zealand life and identity (e.g. representations of women, New Zealand disasters, television news, famous New Zealanders) 

The medialibrary is well-suited for either general browsing or focused research viewing. If you are looking for a specific film or TV item, you can find out whether we hold a copy in the medialibrary by searching our collections catalogue. Here you can search by title, names or events, and filter by a variety of categories. Once you find the item you are looking for in the catalogue, check the “Viewing Locations” heading – if Wellington is specified as a viewing location, this means a copy of the title is held in the medialibrary.

On arrival at the medialibrary fill out the medialibrary request form, which is available on the library desks or can be supplied to you by a librarian. Note the Reference Number, Title and Viewing Location on the form. If the item is on a DVD the librarian can retrieve it immediately, as these are stored in the medialibrary. If the item is on a VHS tape there will be a short delay as the librarian retrieves it from our basement vault.

Medialibrary staff are also happy to help you with your research.

For more information email us.

Note: The films in the medialibrary are available for viewing on the premises. They may not be borrowed or copied.

More Information on Using the Medialibrary

Please visit our Medialibrary FAQs.