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Gary arrives at Dunedin University, where students live in flats and hostels around the campus, forming a distinct culture unique to New Zealand. Sandra Smith has been living in the neighbourhood for 11 years, among the students. The annual capping celebration is a time honoured tradition. Nic Grant, Co-director, Capping Revue, talks about the various elements that make up the revue, and auditions are carried out. Anthony Skegg likes Sam Hunt and tries to be like him. Emma Jackson, 3rd year French student, acts out a skit. Jeremy Elwood, 2nd year Drama student, talks about his drama background.

Leah McFall, 5th year English student, works at the student radio station. Gary puts on a t-shirt and enters a university class, saying Good Morning to Professor Duffy, then joining the students. Michael Duffy, Associate Professor of Marketing, continues his lecture. Gary then visits a science lab and partakes in an experiment. Melanie Bryant is carrying out her own experiments. In French, Elisabeth Logeay, French Tutor, takes the class. Gary visits the library and talks to students about student debt.

At the Staff Club, staff sing a political song. John Drummond, Professor of Music, says universities have always challenged authority and been political. The professors talk about the work pressure on students nowadays, and the fact that education is very focused nowadays instead of opening students out.

At the rehearsals, Clare Adams, Co-director, Capping Revue is watching and directing. Gary visits Adrian Reeve, Student President 1994, at his student flat. Lee Vandervis used to be a scarfie 20 years ago. He talks about being a student in the old days. He leases part of his building to students.

Judy Egerton has lived in Dunedin for 20 years. She rears caterpillars, and lets the butterflies go. James Cameron, 1st year student, Selwyn College (University Hostel), does the Selwyn Ballet for the capping revue. Robyn Sinclair, Choreographer, is taking the Selwyn Ballet for the 11th year.

The students partake in various competitions including drinking races and chilli eating. Then the students are fitted for their graduation cloaks and mortars. Tony Gilbert, 2nd year student, talks about his future. Jeremy Elwood, 2nd year student, knew he would always go to university. On Friday night, a James K. Baxter Poetry Reading takes place at the Loaded Goblin Bar, Otago University. At Selwyn College the students eat their dinner in a large hall. Then Gary visits Leah McFall at her flat where she is cooking pumpkin soup for flatmates. At a student party, Shelley Taylor tells Gary that party goers are found by word of mouth. At the Captain Cook Tavern, drinking competitions followed by bike races take place.

At Marama Hall, Dept of Music, Otago University, a student is practising the piano. Gary visits Graduation Day, Dunedin Town Hall. Graduate student Andy Higgs, Commerce Graduate, says parents are proud. Jeremy Hope, Commerce Graduate says if only the parents knew what the students got up to. Inside the hall the students take part in the capping ceremony. One student went to a motivation psychologist and was told to visualize the capping ceremony.

At opening night of the capping revue, the students are preparing, then various performances take place on stage, including the Selwyn Ballet.

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Year 1995

Reference number F56396

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:47:11

Production company Anson Grieve Production

Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Credits Presenter: Gary McCormiCk
Photography: Malcolm Nish (aka Swami Hansa)
Sound: John Patrick
Camera Assistant: Terry Williams
Production Manager: Maria Bolger
Production Assistant: Janice Clarkson
Research: Allan Baddock
Archival Photographs: Hocken Library
Sound Post Production: Chris Burt
Sound Post Production: The Inside Track
On Line Editor: Hamish Hill
Editor’s Assistant: Steve Edwards
Editor: Ken Sparks
Series Director: Bruce Morrison
Director: Yvette Thomas
Producer: William Grieve

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