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B&W GV Men raking soil and scattering fertiliser in strong wind. Men pulling lawn roller across soil in garden [near Alhambra - Opoho Football ground]. MS Men scattering seed in garden rows. MS Man shovelling earth from garden rows into sifter being held by man - man following behind raking rows. GV Man pushing lawn roller. GV Men planting small stakes in row. GV Small pine seedlings growing in garden. WS PAN R Across seedlings growing in rows on hillside - trees on ridge in BG. Man walking besides boundary hedge. GV Small pine seedlings in nursery. GV Man cutting line into soil using shovel. GV Forestry workers digging drainage ditch and forming linear mound of rocks and dirt. GV Men uprooting row of seedlings, knocking soil from roots and placing pine seedlings in wooden barrow. GV Men carrying wooden barrow through gardens. CU GV Woman sorting and bundling small pine seedlings. LS Man working in gardens. MS Man holding small pine seedling besides ruler. CU Man dipping bundles of seedlings [pinus radiata] into bucket of muddy slurry - puddling. GV Man placing bundles of small plants into shallow trench and shovelling soil over roots.

WS GV Horticultural workers digging holes on tussocky hillside using picks and hoes [Flagstaff area]. GV Pine trees in plantation.

MS 2 Men sawing at base of tree with hand saw [possibly in Dunedin Botanic Garden]. MS Man standing sharpening saw blade of 2 man felling saw. CU Man sharpening cutting teeth of 2 man saw with file. GV Men cutting at base of tree with axes. GV Men sawing at base of tree with 2 man saw. WS Men kneeling down at base of tall tree using 2 man felling saw. GV Men sawing at base of tree as another man hammers wedges into cut. MS Tree falling. MS Men standing at base of felled tree holding 2 man saw above cut trunk. Man standing on trunk of fallen tree lopping off branches with axe. GV Group of men hauling cut trunk of tree onto bed of small truck using ropes. WS Men rolling trimmed trunk of tree along grass. GV Man securing trimmed sections of tree trunk onto truck with lengths of rope. WS GV Truck driving away with lengths of tree trunk in tray.

Tree Felling


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Year 1935

Reference number F102878

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Genre Amateur

Credits Photography: James Tannock

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