CAMPBELL LIVE. 01/11/2007

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Current affairs with John Campbell.

“Alison Henry is a kiwi interior designer in demand. She has clients in Europe, Asia, America and Australasia and she is used to working with the world's rich and famous. At the moment, she is creating a design plan for U2 lead singer Bono and while she is at it, she is knocking one out for the Edge too. She believes in the concept of design once - design well.
Alison works from London but Campbell Live caught up with the interior designer at her country home in the Cotswolds.

Police and boy racers are usually at odds, but one cop's bright idea - and big boom box - is changing that. It is a Canterbury road safety initiative - with a little more street cred than usual. Tonight Campbell Live goes for a drive in an illegally modified car - and doesn't get a ticket from the cops, as this souped up bogan car belongs to them.

Tonight it is two and a half weeks since the so called terror raids. That day, Campbell Live was among the first journalists into Ruatoki. We visited a house that had been raided, and spoke to the father of the arrested man. Today, that man was released on bail. We can't name him, but we can tell you that police have now said he will not be charged under anti-terrorism legislation." TV3;; 09/11/2007

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Year 2007

Reference number F102939

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:30:00

Production company TV3 NETWORK SERVICES

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Credits Presenter: John Campbell