Music of the Māori - Live Performances

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Tono kōrero mai

01 TE ARAI I TE URU, Dunedin (0'39" - 3'49")
This first item is an original Poi song composed by Muru Walters and is performed by his group Te Arai I Te Uru from Dunedin.

02 SOUTH TARANAKI, Hawera/Patea (3'50" - 7'03")
This is an original chant in the traditional style. It is composed by the Reverend Napi Waaka and is sung by South Taranaki of Hawera/Patea.

03 WAIHIRERE, Gisborne (7'04" - 10'09")
Here is an original modern Action Song composed by Ngapo and Pimia Wehi, the leaders of the Waihirere Club of Gisborne. They performed this at the 1973 N.Z. Polynesian Festival held in Rotorua.

04 MA WAI HAKONA, Upper Hutt (10'11" - 13'22")
The programme concludes with an original Poi chant composed by the leaders of Ma Wai Hakona Club of Upper Hutt. It was part of their Award Winning performance as national winners of the 1973 N.Z. Polynesian Festival of Arts.

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Year 1978

Reference number 40601

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits Waaka, Napi
Walters, Muru

Duration 00:13:22

Date 15 Sep 1978