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[1993 is the centennial year of women's suffrage in New Zealand and also the United Nations' Year of Indigenous Peoples.

To mark the occasion, the Waiatarau- Freeman's Bay branch of Te Rōpu Wāhine Toka i te Ora (The Māori Women's Welfare League) in collaboration with Te Reo O Aotearoa, devised a radio series called "Maioha", looking at the lives and accomplishments of a number of Māori women.

Interviews were made in both Māori and English. The interviewers were Puhi Rangiaho, Tawini Rangihau, Hemana Waaka and Hēnare te Ua.]

In this programme Hēnare Te Ua speaks with Adelaide Waititi, "Aunty Mabel" who is from the Muaūpoku iwi of Levin but has lived for the past 40 years among Te Whānau-a-Apanui.

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Year 1993

Reference number 42546

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Credits te Ua, Henare, 1933-2007, Interviewer
Waititi, Adelaide, Interviewee

Duration 00:00:00

Date 03 Nov 1993