Morning report. 1998-09-15

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0616 NEWS STORY: ACCIDENT COMPENSATION scheme carrying $5 million liability because employers haven't paid full cost for year. Govt expected to announce this week that employers will have to pay outstanding funds. Rundown of reservers began in early 198s when Derek Quigley was minister responsible for ACC. Now an ACT list MP, he's asked why he dipped into the reserves. (Al Morrison)
0620 RURAL NEWS GENETICALLY MODIFIED SHEEP - UK-based company seeking to breed flock in NZ, first application for genetically-modified animal under new rules in Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act. NZ subsidiary PPL Therapeutics wants to breed flock with human genetic material enabling sheep to secrete chemical in milk which is used to counter early onset of emphysema. (Catherine Harris) PRODUCER BOARDS - DEREGULATION - Alliance vows to reverse any attempts to dismantle boards if it becomes part of next govt. Leader Jim Anderton says there's no support for deregulating boards outside ACT and right wing of National Party. (Catherine Harris) DROUGHT-afflicated regions well on road to recovery but there's still nervousness among farmers and growers in all regions as they look for further rain to avoid threat of renewed drought. (Kevin Ikin) BEES - Hawkes Bay bee-keepers still affected by last Summer's drought. John Dobson, specialist breeder of queen bees says he's still having to feed bees to stimulate them to breed. (Heugh Chappell)
0625 SPORTS STORY EUROPEAN SPORTS - live i/v with correspondent John Daniell. (motor racing - Michael Schumacher wins Italian Grand Prix and draws level in points with Mika Hakkinen; rugby - Cardiff team deserts Welsh rugby league and plays English teams)
0635 NEWS STORY: CLINTON SCANDAL - latest opinion polls show most Americans still think President Clinton is doing a good job despite publication of Starr report, but around 30 newspapers across US call on him to resign. Republicans in Congress now gearing up to decide whether impeachment proceedings should begin. (Catherine Drew, Feature Story)
0642 MANA NEWS LOCAL BODY ELECTIONS - claims that Māori are under-represented. CULTURE CHANGES - study of Capt Cook's voyages suggests major changes to Māori culture occurred long before Pakeha settlement.
0651 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS: FUND MANAGERS suffer worst month since 1994 in August, according to investment consultants William Mercer. Chief exec Louis Boulanger says it's because of finance market volatility. (Clare Sziranyi) U.S. - FINANCE MARKETS look set to remain prone to wild swings of direction. Investment strategist Mary Farrell, of Paine Webber Securities, says traders and investors must now accept they've entered new environment with added element of President Clinton's political problems. FINANCE/MARKETS MARKT REVIEW BLUE CROSS ELDERCARE to be bought by NZ Petroleum. Company is owned by AK entrepreneur Eric Watson who's also majority shareholder in NZ Petroleum which will buy Blue Cross's resthomes and assets, while NZ Petroleum's current oil and gas assets will be sold or transferred into separate company. Blue Cross Eldercare chief exec David Lowry says growing elderly population is big business. (Clare Sziranyi) BUSINESS BRIEFS
0700 INTRO/NEWS COMMONWEALTH GAMES - NZ wins gold medal in rugby 7s, with 21-12 win over Fiji-(Graham Moody) MISSING CESSNA - improvement in weather helps rescue team searching difficult terrain near Mt Cook for missing Cessna plane with pilot and 2 Japanese tourists on board. Live i/v with Emma Peel, Mt Cook Search and Rescue Centre. ACCIDENT COMPENSATION - employers bracing themselves for govt announcement which is expected to see them paying for $5 billion of outstanding ACC cases. New competitive system being introduced from next July will not cover costs of workers who are already suffering from serious accidents and are on long term compensation. Levies originally covered full cost of accidents but in early 1980s, then ACC minister Derek Quigley dipped into reserves to reduce employers' levies. Live i/v with Political editor Al Morrison;live i/v with current ACC minister Murray McCully.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS COMMONWEALTH GAMES - Barry Guy reports on Day 4. NZ PAPERS FINANCE UPDATE CLINTON SCANDAL - first moves towards impeachment would be made by House of Representatives judiciary committee. Congressman Charles Kennedy says issue is not a partisan one; correspondent Joe Johns outlines what will be on Congress agenda today in wake of Starr report. ANZAC BATTALION - Australian Labor Party idea for greatly stepping up defence co-operation with NZ not well received in NZ. Comment from Labor's Defence spokesman Arch Bevis, NZ Defence minister Max Bradford, defence analyst Jim Rolfe and AK Univ political scientist Steve Hoadley. (Eric Frykberg) ALBANIA - TIRANA VIOLENCE - govt and police claim to have restored law and order in capital Tirana after clashes with supporters of former president; live i/v with Chris Cviic, Royal Inst of International Affairs, London. GENETICALLY MODIFIED SHEEP - PPL Therapeutics, NZ subisidiary of UK-based company, has produced small number of genetically modified sheep at MAF quarantine facility and now wants to breed flock containing up to 1500 ewes. Live i/v with PPL Therapeutics finance manager Richard Cruise; live i/v with Peter Wills, AK Univ theoretical biologist, who has concerns about genetically engineering animals for pharmaceutical purposes.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER MISSING CESSNA - plane thought to have crashed on eastern side of Graham's Saddle, 30 kms north of Mount Cook but search had to be called off because of bad weather. Live i/v with Snr Constable Bill Apes, Lake Tekapo police. ECNZ REFORM - break-up moves step closer with release of report from transition unit organising split. Information given to Radio NZ suggests at least 2 of the 3 proposed smaller companies will be borderline in terms of commercial viability. Live i/v with Economics correspondent Bronwen Evans. ACCIDENT COMPENSATION - live i/v with Employers' Fedn deputy chief exec Anne Knowles and Ross Wilson, Coalition on Accident Compensation re expected govt announcement that employers will have to pay for $5 billion worth of outstanding ACC cases. INTERNATIONAL PAPERS ANTARCTIC ARTEFACTS - row over sale of artefacts from Captain Scott's and Sir Ernest Shackleton's expeditions ends after NZer withdraws them from auction in London. Former RNZAF officer John Clayton collected items in 1957, before sites protected under Antarctic Treaty and after outcry, instructs Christie's to withdraw them from sale and donates them to Britain's Scott Polar Research Inst. Live i/v with Inst curator Robert Headland.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS RUSSIA - NEW PM Yevgeny Primakov holds first cabinet session, confirms shift of policy from strict monetarism towards social welfare and industrial growth. He faces tough job in restoring order to chaotic financial system and in forming cabinet. I/v with correspondent Paul Anderson. CH AIRPORT - new terminal officially opens today. Tania Dolders tours the building. SHOCK ADVERTS - shock tactics used in graphic television ads, such as person being catapulted through car window, known in advertising trade as "fear appeals". Herbert Rotfeld, professor of marketing at Auburn Univ in Alabama, has been studying this type of advertising and has reservations about its effectiveness - he's i/ved. (Mng Rpt) WEST COAST WET - Westland farmers struggling to cope after 11 months of persistent wet weather, set up West Coast rural Support Trust to try to get govt help for region. Live i/v with co-ordinator Diane Milne. COMMONWEALTH GAMES - NZ team on high after rugby 7s gold medal win. Live i/v with chef de mission Les Mills.

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Year 1998

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Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

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Date 15 Sep 1998

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