Morning report. 1998-10-06

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0616 NEWS STORY: CHECHNYA KIDNAP - diplomatic efforts being made to secure release of NZer Stan Shaw and 3 Britons who've been kidnapped. They were installing cellular phone system when about 20 armed men raided their home. Comment from Russian ambassador to NZ Sergei Belyaez, political scientist Reuben Azizian and John Helmer, NZ journalist in Moscow. (Tama Muru)
0620 RURAL NEWS LA NINA - MetService holds to earlier predictions of La Nina rains on east coast this Summer, but the question is when. Chief forecaster Augie Auer says dry areas like Hawkes Bay, Canterbury, and Otago should prepare for below average rainfall over next 5 months, puncuated by one and half months of heavy rain. (Catherine Harris) COMPENSATION - parliamentary select committee stops short of recommending compensation for Ruapehu couple Keith and Margaret Berryman, unsuccessfully prosecuted by OSH. They were charged following collapse of suspension bridge to their property which led to death of beekeeper Kenneth Richards. Charges were eventually dropped or dismissed by court and Berrymans seeking million dollars in compensation. (Clare Pasley) WINERY - AK businessman Graeme Avery investing around $10 million to develop 115 ha vineyard and winery in Hawkes Bay. Sileni Estate aims to produce premium quality merlot and cabernet, one of largest investments ever made in Hawkes Bay wine industry. (Heugh Chappell) WORLD RURAL WOMEN'S DAY - WDFF encouraging rural women to look close to home this year. Last year many rural women supported day by looking at ways they could assist counterparts overseas but WDFF president Jeanette Tarbotton says rural women in NZ still trying to address some basic issues. (Catherine Harris) FLOOD - WAIKATO farmers encouraged to attend field day especially for them this week. Fed Farmers running day to share ways of overcoming problems left by July's floods.
0625 SPORTS STORY N.Z. SPORTS - live i/v with Gary Ahern. (sale of AK Warriors;Friday's Rugby League test match; Halberg awards)
0635 NEWS STORY: LABOUR BUSINESS PLAN - WN Chamber of Commerce asking where Labour party will find $200 million it wnats to spend helping business if it becomes govt. Labour is targetting small and medium-sized businesses with plans to improve access to venture capital and funding. Chamber's chief exec Claire Johnstone welcomes some aspects of proposals but stresses business has other concerns. (Eric Frykberg)
0642 MANA NEWS CLAIM SETTLEMENTS - in wake of Ngai Tahu settlement. Māori claimants anxious to settle claims as they compete for what's left of billion dollar pot set aside by Crown.
0651 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS: I.M.F. - negative reaction to apparent lack of action to tackle global economic turmoil from G7 summit and IMF meeting. IMF seems split between US line that greater financial market accountability and transparent and opposing view voiced by France and some emerging markets' view that some form of controls are needed. Comment from analyst Justin Souton, Lombard Oder in Hong Kong. I.M.F. - apart from pledge to deal with "worst global economic crisis in 50 years", no agreement on what action should be. Live i/v with NZIER head Alexander Sundakov, former IMF staffer, re what IMF does and doesn't do. FINANCE/MARKETS MARKET REVIEW BRIERLEY INVESTMENTS sales continue - 50% stake in Aetna Health medical insurance group sold to Aetna International. Brierleys signlas many of its smaller NZ investments likely to be sold. (Gyles Beckford) JOB VACANCIES - number of advertised vacancies falls to lowest level in nearly 5 years last month, according to ANZ's latest survey. ANZ chief economist Bernard Hodgetts says there are some isolated good signs, but job market likely to remain flat for some time. (Clare Sziranyi)
0700 INTRO/NEWS CHECHNYA KIDNAP - British Foreign Office says firm employing kidnapped engineers ignored warnings to withdraw staff from Chechnya. Granger Telecom says it was given only general advice by Foreign Office, chief exec Ray Verth says he believed Chechen govt assurances that men would be well protected; i/v with correspondent James Rodgers re whether Russian govt taking any action to free hostages; live i/v with Dr Reuben Azizian, AK Univ political studies lecture and former Russian diplomat. KOREAN FISHING BOAT with 44 people on board washes up against rocks on Stewart Island, rescue mission underway. Live i/v with Emma Peel, National Rescue Co-ordination Centre. WORLD ECONOMY - IMF says world not in recession and predicts 2% growth this year but investors not in optimistic mood and are critical of G7 ministers for not taking stronger measures to avert global meltdown. Director of IMF's Dept of External Relations, Shailendra Anjaria, says market jitters not the IMF's fault - i/ved. (Mng Rpt); live i/v with Economics correspondent Bronwen Evans. KOSOVO - US mediator Richard Holbrook issues stark warning to President Milosevic that NATO air strikes are inevitable unless he meets short-term deadlines to end Kosovo crisis. UN Secretary General blames Serbian forces for massacres of ethnic Albanian civilians. Russia warns any military intervention would mean return to Cold War. Live i/v with Brussels correspondent Martin Walker.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS NZ PAPERS FINANCE UPDATE U.S. - CLINTON SCANDAL - House of Representatives starts hearings today which are expected to lead to formal impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. Live i/v with correspondent Martin Kettle. RAU WILLIAMS ANNIVERSARY - this week marks first anniversary of death of Rau Williams, Northland man denied kidney dialysis by Whangarei Hospital because of his other medical problems. NZ health officials taking case to international health conference in Britain, using it as example of how to ration health care. (Rae Lamb) U.S. - WALL ST has rocky start to week with Nasdaq Index down by around 6% and Dow Jones sinking by 2.5%, under pressure after IMF and G7 groups failed to come up with solutions to current world financial turmoil. Live i/v with correspondent Richard Griffiths. JAPANESE TOURIST DEATH - AK police tirying to piece together final movements of 29 year old Kayo Matsuzawa, found dead in central city building 2 weeks ago. Live i/v with Det Sgt Wendy Riach.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER CHECHEN KIDNAP - NZ diplomatic staff in Moscow working with British diplomats to try to secure release of NZer Stan Shaw and 3 Britons. I/v with ambassador to Russia John Larkindale. (Mng Rpt) WORLD ECONOMY - IMF/WORLD BANK meetings in Washington this week. I/v with Treasurer Bill Birch - are NZ's bilateral talks with Korea any more positive than other economic talks going on? (Mng Rpt) KOREAN FISHING BOAT - rescue mission underway after boat washes up on rocks on Stewart Island. Most of 44 crew now taken off the ship. Live i/v with Snr Constable Bernie Nolan. INTERNATIONAL PAPERS LABOUR BUSINESS PLAN - Labour Party says new policy on Industry and Business Development is aimed at boosting small and medium-sized businesses with help pf $200 million Help Fund. Chanber of Commerce and ManFed question scheme but both see some good in it. Comment from Labour's Pete Hodgson, Enterprise and Commerce minister Max Bradford, WN Chamber of Commerce chief exec Claire Johnstone and ManFed's David Moloney. (Eric Frykberg) JOB VACANCIES - latest ANZ Bank survey shows advertised vacancies down 19% on same time last year, at lowest level in 5 years. Live i/v with chief economist Bernard Hodgetts. MALAYSIA - COURT APPEARANCE of Anwar Ibrahim, wearing neck brace, adding to international concern about his treatment while in custody. I/v with correspondent Simon Ingram.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS TOOTH DECAY INCREASE - international expert in children's dental health backs NZ Dental Assn's view that rotting teeth in toddlers is due to poverty and poor education. Prof Martin Curzon, head of Paediatric Dentistry at Leeds Dental Inst, i/ved live. RUGBY LEAGUE - AK clubs tonight expected to ratify board's recommendation over sale of AK Warriors team. 2 main contenders for ownership are Malcolm Boyle-Graham Lowe syndicate and syndicate headed by former league player Dean Lonergan. Live i/v with rugby league commentator Peter Ropati. CHATHAM ISLANDS - DOCTOR and 3 nurses wanted to work on Chathams. Current doctor leaves in December and 3 staff nurses from Missionary Sisters of Society of Mary leave soon afterwards. Healthcare Hawkes Bay which funds Chathams service, trying to attract replacements. (Caitlin Cherry) ANTARCTIC RESEARCH - Summer season officially begins. First of main Operation Deep Freeze flights arrived in Antarctic at weekend. CH reporter Lauren McKenzie mingles with some of the passengers at early morning check-in. JAPAN - STOCKS TUMBLE to worst level in nearly 13 years with disappointment at outcome of G7 meeting. Meeting's message for Japan was for it to quickly deal with banking crisis. Correspondent Eric Weiner says Japanese had been hoping for announcement of measures to help correct global downturn - he's i/ved. (Mng Rpt)

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