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COL: TITLE: Capital Film Productions; The Roving Camera Records; Photography by Cyril Townsend.
B&W: INTERTITLE: Bridge removal; Built in 1903 at a cost of 7731 this old structure has outlived it’s use in a modern age.
B&W PAN L as small truck with crane drives on bridge. PAN R as small truck drives towards bridge.
B&W INTERTITLE: Rotten timbers and rusty girders have made is unsafe for many years.
B&W PAN R From SIGN “Danger Keep Off” at entrance to bridge to side of bridge supports. GV Rotten timbers and rusty iron brackets. TILT DOWN From beams at edge of bridge to river below. PAN R From 2 children standing near SIGN “Danger Keep Off” at entrance to bridge to iron beams and girders on bridge structure. PAN R From bridge roadway with missing section to new masonry bridge [Ewen Bridge] with cars driving on it.
B&W INTERTITLE: Some of the centre span decking has been taken up and preparation is made for shifting the sides.
B&W GV Piers and remnant metal girders of bridge. LS GV Man atop girder sawing at structure.
B&W INTERTITLE: Crowds waited for the big splash and - - there she goes!
B&W People lining railing of masonry bridge. WS Side section of girders and trusses falling from bridge into river. TILT DOWN From gap in old bridge to river beow.
B&W INTERTITLE: Two “Frog-Men” in rubber suits place steel ropes.
B&W HS Overlooking man in rubber suit wading towards riverbank. TILT DOWN Man standing wearing wet rubber frog man suit. LS Man standing in water near bridge pier attaching rope to object underwater.
B&W INTERTITLE: A strong pull is needed, to pull it ashore for final removal.
B&W Man on bridge roadway hauling on rope. Section of girders and trusses laying in water with ropes attached. GV Man climbing ladder to top of girder and handling ropes. Man standing watching winch mechanism pulling on rope. Man climbing down ladder from atop bridge girders

COL: INTERTITLE: Civic Block Ceremony
COL Parade of Youth brass band and young women in uniform. GV Governor General of New Zealand Charles Willoughby Norrie exiting car, greeting Mayor Percy Dowse and inspecting young women dressed in uniform. PAN R From Governor General Norrie and Mayor Dowse walking to seats on low stage on roadside to crowds of people standing near rows of chairs. GV Mayor Percy Dowse and Governor General Norrie speaking into microphone on low stage - construction site in BG. Other dignitaries speaking and crowd applauding. Governor General Norrie placing Civic Stone in position (obscured by people). Governor General Norrie reading inscription on Civic Block and being presented with gift in case. Mayor Dowse and Governor General Willoughby Norrie standing displaying gift [knife - letter opener] in case. SIGN “This stone was laid by his excellency Sir Willougby Norrie, Governor General of New Zealand on 9th December 1954. Percy Dowse - Mayor. Architects King. Cook & Dawson. Contractors W. M. Angus LTD.”

COL: INTERTITLE: New Library Opened
COL EXT GV Lower Hutt War Memorial Library, Women pushing wicker prams along path through gardens outside Lower Hutt Library.
B&W Guard of honour shouldering arms in gardens. GV Governor General Charles Willoughby Norris and Mayor Percy Dowse looking at honour guard who present arms and lower colours - Willoughby Norris & Dowse inspect troops briefly. MS Willoughby Norris and Dowse walking towards camera and Library entrance. MS Wives and other dignitaries walking towards camera and Library entrance. HS GV Willoughby Norris, Dowse and other dignitaries talking to large crowd gathered inside Library - crowd applauds.

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Year 1954

Reference number F202317

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Production company Capital Film Productions

Credits Photography: Cyril Kenneth George Townsend

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