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This amateur film documents maritime scenes around Wellington harbour. Items of note include ships and yachts being christened and launched, a small motor boat burning on the open sea, X class yachts being prepared for the Sanders Cup, footage of a Humpback Whale being taken ashore at the Perano whaling station in Fishing Bay and an elephant seal making itself at home on the Wellington waterfront.

General Views: Motor launch “Marionjo” being lifted from wharf by crane - Men standing on deck.
Woman on wharf christening the “Marionjo” by breaking bottle of champagne on bow.
General Views: People climbing aboard the “Marionjo” as it is lowered into the water by crane.
General Views: Motor launch “Marionjo” slowly sailing past large cruise liner moored at wharf and sailing into Wellington harbour.
General Views: Fire burning on small motor launch in harbour - Fire has already burnt timbers on the gunwales, smoke rising from charred timbers and planking.
General Views: Harbour pilots Motor launch floating near burning motor launch - Men on deck spray water on burning boat.

General Views: Men unloading concrete septic tank from barge and manhandling it up boatramp.

General Views: Men standing on deck of motor launch named ”Pelagian” - launch sits on trailer on wharf.
General Views: The “Pelagian” lifted from trailer by crane - woman christens ship by breaking bottle of champagne on bow.
General Views: “Pelagian” being lowered into water by crane and sailing away from wharf.

General Views: Men standing near ship [trawler / fishing boat] “Sea Harvest” which rests on slipway.
Woman christening “Sea Harvest” by smashing bottle of champagne on bow of ship.
General Views: “Sea Harvest” being pushed down slipway and into ocean by bulldozer.
General Views: Men on deck of “Sea Harvest” securing lines and ropes and drawing vessel in towards jetty - lines are secured and fuel line is taken aboard. Large amount of smoke billows across horizon in background.
General Views: Human chain loading [sticks / weights / ballast] onto “Sea Harvest” - BP fuel tanker parked on shoreline.
General Views: “Sea Harvest” casting off mooring lines and departing from jetty.

General Views: Men inspecting small X class yachts resting in front of the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, yachts are being prepared for the Sanders Cup.
General Views: Small X class yachts sailing in Wellington harbour - many scenes of coastal houses.

General Views: Whale chaser motor launches moored near shoreline.
General Views: Whaling vessel “Tuatea” steaming through bay towing whale carcass - whale is attached to starboard side with tail visible above waterline.
General Views: Whaling vessel “Tuatea” sailing into Fishing Bay and mooring at wharf.
General Views: Whale carcass [Humpback Whale] being lifted ashore at Perano whaling station.

General Views: Man in small dinghy checking fishing nets near rocky headland.

General Views: Elephant seal “Blossom” resting amongst dinghies on Evans Bay - Seal roars and bellows at cameraman and other onlookers.
General Views: Elephant seal swimming in water at boat sheds and slipways at Evans Bay marina
General Views: Large Elephant seal trying to haul itself aboard small dinghy moored at marina.

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Reference number F17659

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:21:20

Credits Photography: M R MAcAlister