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Men ride on the back of a supply truck. Various ocean scenes from the back of a ship. Man sleeping, huddled on deck. Ship in storm, boat rocking, dipping its bow into massive waves. Preparing and launching a weather balloon. Sea ice, attempting to push through. Ice breaking under pressure from boat. Members of expedition walking on ice next to a flock of penguins. Men chase and grab a number of the birds.
Ships mast mounted radar rotating. Individual shots of the team. US Airforce helicopter on the stern of the ship taking off.
Aerial shots of penguins. Distributing flags, CU penguins on ice. Setting up camp. Ship in distance locked in the ice. Penguins in cages.
[US] naval ship pushing through ice (seen from 100 metres away). Panning shot of Ross Ice Shelf and Mount Erebus. Reading mail. Aerial shots of Antarctic wasteland; ship caught ice; McMurdo Station; vehicles and sled dogs on Ross Island. Scott Base. Talking to pilot of the helicopter. Huskies chained up. Vehicles from the British Trans-Antarctic expedition including modified tractors and Sno-Cat. Flying out from the base. Aerial view of Scott Base; McMurdo Station. Helicopter flying past Mount Erebus. Driving across ice in tractors. Men posing for photographs on ice. Three men dragging equipment across ice on a sled rigged with a very makeshift sail (children’s balloons attached to mast). Outside Captain Scott’s hut. Memorial plaque. Ice trapped ship. Baby seal receives attentions of the group. Kitten in the snow. [US] naval ship beside ice in open water. On board ship leaving area. At an island, tents and penguins, bird life. Measuring chicks. Penguin building nest. Taking rock samples. Landing boat stuck in ice. Birds ‘dive-bombing’ camera . Leaving island.
Polecat vehicle, and others at McMurdo station. Our Lady of the Ice statue. Cross erected in honour of those who died on the continent. Station from Observation Hill. Feeding huskies.

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Year 1958

Reference number F22429

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Amateur

Duration 0:55:20

Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Credits Filmmaker: Brian Fitzgerald

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