Footage Supply FAQs

Can I have a copy?

In some cases, dependent on the item’s format and rights associated with the item, copies of material from the Moving Image Collection may be made available to view online, or through one of our medianet sites. If you would like to request an item for viewing, please contact us.

Where can I view material?

You can view items from our collections at our Wellington headquarters. There are also medianet sites across New Zealand, where more than 1,000 items can be viewed via a computer-based video resource. Medianet also offers an interloans service, through which you may order additional items for viewing from our Wellington headquarters at a small cost. Find your closest medianet site.

Some items can be viewed on our online catalogue. We frequently upload new material so please check back often.

As the archive is unable to lend material from the collection, viewing may only be done at the sites listed above.

Our Documentation Collection, housed in the Jonathan Dennis Library in Wellington, is open by appointment to research photographs, books, scripts, periodicals, and posters. Email us to make an appointment

How do I find what titles you have in your collection?

Use our online catalogue as your first step in finding titles. Please refer to our helpful tips on filtering and refining your catalogue search.

Following this you can email us, our research team may be able to help and advise further. 

How can I use moving images in your collection for my documentary / exhibition / project?

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision offers access for re-use in television, film, museum exhibitions, and other projects. Please contact us for further details.

We are a working archive that deals with a constantly high volume of requests. If your timescale is very short we may be unable to assist.

I would like access to Māori moving images

Many titles in our collection are identified as having significant Māori content, whether in full, or in part. The archive’s kaupapa incorporates the principles of The Treaty of Waitangi into its policies and practices. As a storehouse of taonga, the archive recognises the Treaty as having specific implications for partnership, participation and protection. We therefore acknowledge and uphold the cultural rights that kaitiaki (whether iwi, hapū and / or whānau) have to material in the Taonga Māori collection. When access to this collection is requested, the necessary permissions are sought through our Taha Māori Department. We will advise where such clearances are required.

How much will my request cost?

Costs vary according to the size and scope of each project. We charge at the following hourly rates depending on the type of client making the request. Work covered by this charge includes administration, research, technical work, and rights clearances where applicable:

A – Commercial, Advertising, Merchandising $120/hr
B – Non-commercial, Educational, Cultural (GLAM) $95/hr
C – Iwi, Individuals, Community Groups, Charities $75/hr

All costs are quoted exclusive of GST. An estimate of costs can be made when your request for footage has been submitted. In some cases technical work will have to be out-sourced to an archive-approved Wellington facility. The client will be advised in advance if this is needed and will be invoiced directly by the facility undertaking the work.
If research is needed at the initial request stage the first hour is provided free of cost.
These prices are for New Zealand-based entities and individuals only. A price is available on application for international productions.

How long will my request take?

We will respond to your request initially within 15 working days (usually sooner), which allows us to undertake the necessary research. The time it takes to fully complete a request depends on a number of factors, including receiving the relevant rights clearances, as well as undertaking the necessary technical work. Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision is reliant on rights holders getting back to us within your timeframe. Requests also need to be allocated into current technical work flows, both internally and externally, which may be affected by existing volumes and priorities. We will keep you informed about changes to timescales throughout the course of your request.

Isn’t this film out of copyright?

While a title may be believed to be “out of copyright,” Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision still has to uphold agreements with iwi and depositors. Clearances still need to be sought from these parties by the archive before material can be released.

Can I stream / borrow material from Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s website?

If you see a title on our website that you would like to re-use, it is not permissible to copy it from our website. This potentially breaches copyright laws, as well as jeopardising contractual agreements that we have with depositors and rights holders. For this reason we do not upload material to our website at a resolution suitable for re-use. Please email us if you wish to reuse material and we can advise on footage supply.

Why isn’t there a viewing copy of a title I want to watch?

This is because Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s Film and Video Collection holds 160,000 moving image items, and of those we have public viewing copies of around 80,000 items. The rest remain in our vaults waiting to be copied. As moving image preservation work is considerably slower than real-time playback, the time it would take to digitise our entire collection is immense (watch videos about our preservation work). Therefore, it is not possible for us to have every title in the collection transferred and digitised in advance. If you are interested in seeing a particular title online please email us, and we will do our best to facilitate access via our website.