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How to make a salusalu

This year Siapo Cinema: Oceania Film Festival coincides with Fiji and Niuean language weeks. To celebrate, The Lounge will feature four interesting “How to ... instructional videos” presented by the hugely popular Pasifika digital platform

Come along and learn some Fijian words and how to make the Salusalu (Fijian Lei). Or learn how to make a basket for your grocery shopping and cook taro - Niuean style.

Basket weaving – Niuean style
Director: Shimpal Lelisi
Talent: Shimpal Lelisi, Inangaro Vakaafi
Shimpal Lelisi enlists the help of Niuean local Inangaro to show him how to weave a basket Niuean style.

How to Cook Taro
Director/talent: Shimpal Lelisi
Shimpal Lelisi shows us how to cook a staple in Pacific Diets, the humble taro.

How to make a Fijian Lei (salesalu)
Director: Lizie Koroivulaono
Talent: Julia Rauto
In the Fijian culture we place a salusalu around one’s neck which is an affectionate way of showing love and appreciation.
Salusalu is the beautiful Fijian style of lei used to welcome guests, for weddings, funerals, and to celebrate achievements, check out these easy steps to know how to make these unique lei in the Pacific and get your salusalu on lock!

Fijian Language 101 with Ben Tui
Ni Sa Bula or Bula Vinaka - A warm “hello”
Andra Vinaka - Good morning
Kai Viti - Native Fijian
Na yacaqu o (Na ya thungoo Ko) - My name is…
Au lako mai - I come from
Tulou - Excuse me (as you walk past someone seated)
Ni Sa Bula or Bula Vinaka - A warm “hello”
Andra Vinaka - Good morning
Au lako mai - I come from
Vaka sau sau - to clap - applaud
Rawa nui keveta na gone lai lai vin aka - can I hold the baby please
Gone - Children