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Kupe: Voyaging by the Stars – Doc Edge screening

Te Aurere Hero Image Nga Wai E Rua

Director Pita Turei

Producer Ian John

Editor Tim Woodhouse

Sound Sound: Don Mathewson and Music: Dean Hapeta

With Translations: Waihoroi Shortland (Ngā Puhi - Ngāti Hineamaru)

Cinematography Mike Hardcastle

Featured Sir Hekenukumai (‘Hek’) Busby

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision have partnered with Doc Edge to present this recently preserved and digitally-restored documentary of national importance.

Revered traditional navigator Sir Hekenukumai (‘Hek’) Busby reconnects his crew with ancient star navigation traditions to help them prepare for an 2,900 km ocean voyage in his traditional double-hulled waka, Te Aurere.

Retracing the path of pioneering Polynesian explorer Kupe, who travelled across the Pacific Ocean to Aotearoa a thousand years earlier, Hek shares the ancient ancestral knowledge and skills of advanced canoe design. By navigating by the stars, winds and currents on the journey, Hek and the crew eventually land at the 6th Pacific Arts Festival in Rarotonga.

Kupe: Voyaging by the Stars was originally shot on 16mm ‘Eastmancolor’ film and mastered to 1-inch videotape. This screening is from a new digital restoration of that videotape.