Percy the Policeman

Percy the Policeman

Director Geoff Murphy

Producer John O'Shea

Editor Dell King

Screenplay Geoff Murphy

Sound Don Reynolds, John Van Der Ryden, Music: Dave Fraser, Blerta

With Bill Stalker, Bruno Lawrence, Martyn Sanderson

Cinematography Alun Bollinger

Before Utu and Goodbye Pork Pie legendary filmmaker Geoff Murphy wrote and directed this collection of five 6-minute episodes for children. To mark his recent passing we're screening these rarely seen shows in our TV Lounge during normal opening hours.

Percy, the good-natured but bumbling policeman, attempts to solve crimes in a variety of slapstick episodes evoking memories of the silent era and The Keystone Cops.

Produced for NZBC in 1974, the shows were never actually broadcast as they were deemed to show the police in a bad light. Episode 5, Percy and the Escaped Convict screened with Numero Bruno in the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2000.

Filmed on location around Wellington, including the Pacific Films Production house and backyard on Cruickshank Street, Kilbirnie.

The five episodes are:
1. Percy and the Footprints
2. Percy Meets Burglar Bill
3. Percy and the Little Old Lady
4. Percy and the Burglaries
5. Percy and the Escaped Convict