Checkpoint. 1997-10-09

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The Government's just released a Green paper that signals wide-ranging changes of the way teachers are trained and work. Options include making teacher training more contestable, giving schools the money to spend on in-service training for teachers instead of managing it centrally and establishing a professional body for teachers. LIVE IV WITH education correspondent Cushla Managh
In the far north, more than a hundred volunteers have managed to succesfully refloat dozens of whales which stranded on Karikari Beach overnight. More than a hundred pilot whales starnded - 53 died but 48 have been refolated on this afternoon's high tide. IV WITH Conservation Department spokesperson Wanda Vivequin
1715 .30 HEADS
The new chairman of the Fire Service, Roger Estall, is rejecting Insurance Council accusations that he is biased toward big business. The Insurance Council says Mr Estall's role as chairman is not compatible with his work for an insurance broking firm - and it is challenging him to comment on a new levy system to prove he wont side with businesses. PACKAGE FROM Caitlin Cherry
Mt Ruapehu is starting to stir again - prompting an increase in the Alert level to two. In the last twenty hours, over 25 volcanic earthquakes have' been recorded by seismic equipment on the central North Island volcano. The Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences reported small eruptions in the crater lake. LIVE IV WITH Carol Bryan from the Institute.
[illegible] is being heaped on the Auckland City Council's proposal to restrict the sex industry. The proposed central area plan, which has been kept under wraps until today, includes making new sex industry premises publicly notifiable - it'll have no effect on existing premises. But the move goes against earlier advice to the council that it can't use the Resource Management Act to limit the sex industry on moral grounds. PACKAGE FROM Eileen Cameron
To the Chris Crean murder trial in New Plymouth now - and the head of the city's Black Power gang at the time of Mr Crean's death last year has told the High Court he knew about the plan to kill him but couldn't stop it. LIVE IV WITH court reporter Merle Nowland
1730 2.00 NEWS:
ACT has today launched a five point programme it says confronts New Zealand's growing social crisis and points to a better way. Act says the welfare state has damaged the economy, stifled creativity and turned perfectly capable men and women into an underclass of welfare dependents. LIVE IV WITH ACT MP Derek Quigley.
Well those are ACT's solutions to our social problems - joining me now is our political editor Al Morrison who today released more details on the Governments plans for social welfare. LIVE IV
1745 .30 HEADS
In the High Court in Whangarei, the family of Rau Williams has made an eleventh hour bid to get him life-saving dialysis treatment. Lawyers for the family have told a judge that Northland Health has failed to show any clinical reason for taking him off dialysis and by denying him treatment, the CHE is breaching the Bill of Rights. LIVE IV WITH our reporter Lois Williams
1750 .30 WORLD HEADS
Xena Warrior Princess is transforming herself from mythological hero into Broadway star. For the next month, New Zealand actor Lucy Lawless - who plays Xena in the hit TV series - is starring as Rizzo in the musical Grease, now being performed in New York. PACKAGE FROM New York correspondent Judy Lessing