Checkpoint. 2005-01-27

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1700 to 1707 NEWS
The courts are under fire for the way they are dealing with paua poachers. Paua industry representatives say although stiff fines and prison sentences are available, the courts are not using them. This follows the sentencing of the Māori activist Te Kaha to 320 hours community service for selling paua on the black market. The Paua Industry Council chief executive Jeremy Cooper says prison or a hefty fine would be more appropriate. He will be talking to fisheries officials about how to persuade the courts to take a tougher line. PREREC
Wellingtonians are facing the prospect of increased rail fares and a four-percent rise in regional rates to help improve the capital's aging public transport network. The government announced this morning, a 225-million dollar increase to Wellington's transport budget over the next decade to address congestion, and improve the train and bus network. The regional council will commit another 95-million dollars and it says ratepayers will have to contribute to that. Penny Mackay's report starts in a taxi on the way to Wellington Railway Station. PKGE
A former Canterbury man has been sentenced to 250 hours of community work for committing bigamy when he married in Oamaru last year. The Timaru District Court heard that John Leslie Whiting was still married when he took new vows last June. He also forged his first wife's signature on documents to convince his new partner that the marriage was dissolved. Katy Gossett was at court and I asked her what the prosecution had to say. PREREC
CNN: changed mosque to synagogue - mosque went out on air.
About 100 people attended a service in Auckland today to remember the victims of the Auschwitz concentration camp. It's 60 years since the liberation of the biggest Nazi death camp, where over a million jews and others died. Our reporter Sally Wenley went to the Beth Shalom synagogue in Epsom for the service. PKGE
The Chief Families Commissioner Rajen ra-gin Prasad is being accused of playing politics. This follows comments from Dr Prasad that National Leader Don Brash's speech on welfare earlier this week, could place New Zealand families in two camps. Dr Prasad responded to the speech by releasing a statement warning that it potentially drives a wedge between kiwi battlers and beneficiaries, especially those on the domestic purposes benefit. National's families spokeswoman Judith Collins says its a misguided outburst attacking Don Brash. PREREC
But Dr Prasad is standing by his statement. PREREC
Police say four people were lucky to walk away from a plane crash on the western side of Lake Taupo. Senior Sergeant Dennis Murphy says the plane crashed as it was attempting to land at Kuratau. PREREC
More than 14 thousand students could have their job and education prospects harmed if they don't settle overdue NCEA fees. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority says that about ten percent of the 150 thousand secondary school students who took the NCEA last year still haven't paid their fees. And in a move that has sparked the interest of free education advocates, the NZQA says it won't issue qualification certificates until these fees get paid. Richard Scott reports. PKGE
Top chefs around the country are appealing to the hearts and stomachs of New Zealanders in an effort to raise money for the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami.
A series of charity dinners is being held, starting in Christchurch tonight, with funds raised going to the Red Cross. Erina O'Donohue reports. PKGE
An Australian woman accused of importing marijuana into Bali who could face the death penalty has appeared in an Indonesian court. It's alleged that Schapelle Corby from the Gold Coast admitted owning more than 4 kilos of the drug, found in her bag at the airport. The ABC's Tim Palmer has been covering the case from Denpasar he joins me now. LIVE
A memorial service to remember veteran trade unionist, Bill Andersen is now underway. The 81-year-old president of the National Distribution Union died of a heart attack earlier this month. A memorial service is being held at Orakei Marae in Auckland for Mr Andersen who has been described as a giant of the union movement. Our reporter Kirsty Jones is there and she joins us now. LIVE
After nearly one hundred years, officials in the United States city of San Francisco have admitted the official death toll from the 1906 earthquake is badly wrong.City records suggest that only 478 people died when the magnitude eight-point-three earthquake almost levelled San Francisco on April 18, 1906. But now work is underway to revise the figures by the earthquake's centenary anniversary next year. Former San Francisco librarian, Gladys Hansen began this project before her retirement in 1990. She says it started with requests from people seeking her help to trace relatives missing since the earthquake. PREREC