[April anniversaries].

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RNZ Collection
Sullivan, Jim, 1946-, Presenter
Graham, Billy, 1918-, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Baden-Powell, Olave, 1889-1977, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Rowling, Wallace Edward, 1927-1995, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Muldoon, R. D. (Robert David), 1921-1992, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Fraser, Peter (b.1884, d.1950), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Morice, Charles, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Greaney, Dan, 1900-1972, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Reed, Alfred Hamish, 1875-1975, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Gordon, John, 1898-1985? (b.1898, d.1985?), Speaker/Kaikōrero
McIlwaine, Alan, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Dudley, Catherine, 1886 -, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand (estab. 1976, closed 1988), Broadcaster

A compilation of fifteen audio cuts. Jim Sullivan presents each item.

1. 1st 1958, PAYE (pay as you earn) taxation introduced. Comments from the controller of PAYE and an accountant.
2. 2nd 1959, Evangelist, Bill Graham, visits Christchurch. Part of his address and choir sing.
3. 3rd 1948, Lady Baden-Powell speaks at a Girl Guide rally in the Wellington Town Hall. Includes the guides singing.
4. 4th 1936, the road from Kingston to Queenstown is opened. Two locals discuss the road and the steamer on board the Earnslaw.
5. 5th 1978, the opening of the Invercargill Railway station. Bill Rowling speaks, the laying of the foundation stone and Rob Muldoon opens the station.
6. 6th 1941, New Zealand troops sent to Greece. Prime Minister Peter Fraser makes the announcement. Lieutenant Lilley describes the battles. 7. 7th 1856, the foundation of Nelson College. Ninety-five year old old boy, Dr. Charles Morice, describes the school in the 1880's.
8. 8th 1861, articles of peace signed ending the first stage of the Taranaki land wars. Mr. Wood recalls the fighting.
9. 9th 1910, Halley's comet appears over New Zealand. Dan Greaney recalls the West Coast reaction and Mrs. Dudley tells of the Chinese in Arrowtown.
10. 10th 1968, the Wahine is wrecked at the entrance to Wellington Harbour. Includes eye witness reports with survivors interviewed. The Captain speaks after the inquiry.
11. 11th 1934, George Bernard Shaw broadcasts in New Zealand and causes an uproar. Includes an extract from later speech.
12. 12th 1961, Eighty-five year old, A. H. Reed, completes a walk from North Cape to Bluff and is interviewed about this.
13. 13th 1923, first licensed radio station, 1YA, broadcasts. John Gordon and Alan McIlwaine recall the early days.
14. 14th 1932, unemployed riot in Queen Street, Auckland. Detective Brady recalls the scene.
15. 15th 1970, the government announces that New Zealand is going metric. Includes a radio commercial and shoppers comments.