World at 5. 2012-04-12. 17:00-18:00.

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RNZ Collection
Wilson, Mark, 1968?-, Producer
Bryan, Geoff, Newsreader
McTainsh, Jeff, Newsreader
Ashdown, Kelly, Reporter
Hayes, Samantha, 1984-, Presenter
Potter, Allan, Interviewee
Lambie, Ian, Interviewee
Kelly, Helen (d.2016), Interviewee
Patterson, Andrew, Commentator
Mulligan, Andrew, Commentator
Reedy, Sarah, Interviewee
Radio Live, Broadcaster

Presenter Geoff Bryan presents the 17:00 hrs news bulletin, which is then followed by a sport bulletin [regularly presented by either Chris Forster or Jeff McTainsh], and a traffic report presented by Kelly Ashdown and then a weather report. Advertisements follow and then another brief summary of the hours top news headlines.

Host for the programme is Samantha Hayes (former TV3 Nightline news presenter). Today’s guests include:

Out of control 11 year old burglar:
An 11 year old child who assaulted caregivers he was placed with only one day ago in Napier, is likely to be in custody for months. The out of control child is on his way to Auckland after being placed in CYPFS care yesterday after being arrested for breaking in to four Napier homes with his 12 year old brother and two other youths on Tuesday afternoon. Allan Potter (Child Youth Aid, NZ Police Napier) about this 11 year old.

Doctor Ian Lambie (Child Psychologist) tries to put some perspective on this case.

At a quarter past the hour, [regularly presented by Geoff Bryan?] presents the news and sport headlines for the hour, which is followed by advertisements and then a traffic report.

Ports of Auckland spying:
Mediation has broken down between the Ports of Auckland and the Maritime Union and the two groups are still at loggerheads. Now, cameras have been installed across the workplace in every cab of every vehicle, two security guards are now located in the tea room, and workers have been told that there is to be no wearing of union gear on site, no speaking to the media and other bullying behaviour. Helen Kelly, (President Council of Trade Unions) joins the programme to talk about the latest developments.

At the bottom of the hour (half past the hour) Geoff Bryan presents the news headlines, followed by a sport bulletin, radio advertising, and then a traffic report (regularly presented by Kelly Ashdown). Geoff Bryan then follows with a weather report for Auckland.

The RadioLive Daily Business Wrap with Andrew Patterson (Business Editor) looking at the global markets; New Zealand Stock Exchange; NZ companies and how the Kiwi dollar is faring.

Sarah Reedy (Senior Reporter, Light Reading website) talks about the next five mobile apps that are being snapped up in the wake of the $1 billion Facebook instagram deal.

Advertisement break follows and then another traffic report is presented.

Andrew Mulligan (Basketball Commentator) is calling the big match tonight between the New Zealand Breakers v Perth Wildcats in the Australian NBL Grand Final 3 to be held at Vector Arena, Auckland.

Samantha then signs off for the evening.