World at 5. 2012-04-13. 17:00-18:00.

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RNZ Collection
Wilson, Mark, 1968?-, Producer
Bryan, Geoff, Newsreader
McNeil, John, Newsreader
Priest, Braydon, Reporter
Hayes, Samantha, 1984-, Presenter
Bridges, Simon, Interviewee
Gardiner, Irene, Commentator
Hipkins, Chris, Interviewee
Patterson, Andrew, Commentator
Beal, Tim, Commentator
Radio Live, Broadcaster

Presenter Geoff Bryan presents the 17:00 hrs news bulletin, which is then followed by a sport bulletin [John McNeil], and a traffic report presented by Kelly Ashdown and then a weather report. Advertisements follow and then another brief summary of the hours top news headlines.

Host for the programme is Samantha Hayes (former TV3 Nightline news presenter). Today’s guests include:

North Korea's much-hyped long range rocket crashed into the sea about one minute after it launched today according to Japanese and South Korean officials. Pyongyang had to fight international pressure from the US and others despite warnings from it's closest ally China, to not go ahead with the test. Tim Beal (Author 'Crisis in Korea and retired academic) talks about his knowledge of Korea. Tim also talks about the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Kim dynasty in North Korea.

At a quarter past the hour, [regularly presented by Geoff Bryan?] presents the news and sport headlines for the hour, which is followed by advertisements and then a traffic report.

Political Panel:
Simon Bridges (National MP) and Chris Hipkins (Labour MP) debate some of the current issues:
- Paid parental leave to be vetoed
- Extension of city size the best way to reduce housing costs?

At the bottom of the hour (half past the hour) Geoff Bryan presents the news headlines, followed by a sport bulletin, radio advertising, and then a traffic report (regularly presented by Kelly Ashdown). Geoff Bryan then follows with a weather report for Auckland.

The RadioLive Daily Business Wrap with Andrew Patterson (Business Editor) looking at the global markets; New Zealand Stock Exchange; NZ companies and how the Kiwi dollar is faring.

Irene Gardiner (Media Commentator) talks about the latest developments in media news.

Advertisement break follows and then another traffic report is presented.

100th Anniversary of the sinking of Titanic:
April, 15 1912 is the date the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. Tim Melton (Author and Titanic Historian) who explains his theory on 'miraging hazes' as the reason why the Titanic crashed - due to atmospheric conditions and not solely through human error.

Samantha then signs off for the evening.