World at 5. 2012-04-17. 17:00-18:00.

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RNZ Collection
Wilson, Mark, 1968?-, Producer
Bryan, Geoff, Newsreader
McTainsh, Jeff, Sports presenter
Ashdown, Kelly, Newsreader
Hayes, Samantha, 1984-, Presenter
McVicar, Garth, Interviewee
Geddes, Andrew, Interviewee
Abbott, Max W. (b.1951), Interviewee
Houlihan, Michael, Interviewee
Boyce, Jessica, Interviewee
Radio Live, Broadcaster

Presenter Geoff Bryan presents the 17:00 hrs news bulletin, which is then followed by a sport bulletin [regularly presented by either Chris Forster or Jeff McTainsh], and a traffic report presented by Kelly Ashdown and then a weather report. Advertisements follow and then another brief summary of the hours top news headlines.

Host for the programme is Samantha Hayes (former TV3 Nightline news presenter). Today’s guests include:

Beast of Blenheim:
Must be released from prison on September 1st under the old rules, he was denied parole for the eighth and final time today. Stewart Wilson must be released in a little over 4 months despite the parole board's fears he may reoffend immediately upon his release. Wilson was jailed for 21 years in 1996 for gross sexual offending over a 25 year period of 16 different women and girls. Garth McVicar (Sensible Sentencing Trust) and Andrew Geddes (Department of Law, Otago University) talk about the case.

At a quarter past the hour, [regularly presented by Geoff Bryan?] presents the news and sport headlines for the hour, which is followed by advertisements and then a traffic report.

Samantha forward-sells the interviews and subject matter coming up after the next news bulletin.

At the bottom of the hour (half past the hour) Geoff Bryan presents the news headlines, followed by a sport bulletin, radio advertising, and then a traffic report (Kelly Ashdown). Geoff Bryan then follows with a weather report for Auckland.

Problem Gambling:
Professor Max Abbott (Auckland University of Technology and Problem Gambling Centre) talks about the Nigel Morrison (CEO Sky City) idea that "Lotto" (buying lottery tickets) is far worse than pokie machine gambling.

Advertisement break follows.

Te Papa may have to charge due to funding cuts:
Proposed funding cuts to Te Papa Tongarewa Museum has meant the organisation may have to charge after the Wellington City Council signed off it's long-term annual plan which cut its funding by 55% to the museum. Michael Houlihan (CEO Te Papa) talks with Samantha about the news.

More advertisements and then another traffic report is presented.

Research from Department of Psychology, University of Canterbury has found that women who feel more insecure after exposure to images of beautiful women, buy more shoes and handbags - but not trousers. Lead researcher and PhD student, Jessica Boyce explains the research findings.

Samantha then signs off for the evening.