World at 5. 2012-04-19. 17:00-18:00.

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RNZ Collection
Wilson, Mark, 1968?-, Producer
Bryan, Geoff, Newsreader
McNeil, John, Sports presenter
Ashdown, Kelly, Newsreader
Hayes, Samantha, 1984-, Presenter
Garner, Duncan, Commentator
Shearer, David, 1957-, Interviewee
Browne, Maria, Interviewee
Mars, Michelle, Interviewee
Westbrook, Sandra, Commentator
Radio Live, Broadcaster

Presenter Geoff Bryan presents the 17:00 hrs news bulletin, which is then followed by a sport bulletin [regularly presented by John McNeil], and a traffic report presented by Kelly Ashdown and then a weather report. Advertisements follow and then another brief summary of the hours top news headlines.

Host for the programme is Samantha Hayes (former TV3 Nightline news presenter). Today’s guests include:

Sky City Convention Centre deal with government:
The furore that erupted over the Sky City Convention Centre deal with the government is continuing, the NZ Labour Party claims it has evidence that the Prime Minister intervened in the process and he instructed officials to stop work on a business plan on a convention centre when a possible deal with Sky City was floated. At the centre of this issue, is whether Sky City has been able to effectively buy a law change by spending $350 million on building a convention centre and get an several hundred more pokie machines which wasn't possible under the current legislation. Duncan Garner (3 News Political Editor) who has been following this story.

At a quarter past the hour, [regularly presented by Geoff Bryan?] presents the news and sport headlines for the hour, which is followed by advertisements and then a traffic report.

Sky City Convention Centre deal:
David Shearer (Labour Party Leader) talks with Samantha about the 'evidence' he has in his possession that proves the Prime Minister interfered in the process of that business case and then had a dinner with the Sky City people where he proposed the extra pokie machines and a law change as a direct result of that. David states, that shortly after Sky City won the tender process - and the involvement of the Prime Minister is somewhat 'murky'.

At the bottom of the hour (half past the hour) Geoff Bryan presents the news headlines, followed by a sport bulletin, radio advertising, and then a traffic report (Kelly Ashdown). Geoff Bryan then follows with a weather report for Auckland.

Two inquests into 'high temperatures' lead to infant death syndrome:
Two inquests were held in Invercargill where issues with heat pumps use contributed to the death of these infants due to overheating the infants bedrooms. Maria Brown (Plunket Clinical Advisor) explains about the issue, the need for ventilation and some common sense steps when heating your infant's room, and the ideal temperature to utilise.

Advertisement break follows.

Dr Michelle Mars (Sexologist) joins Samantha to talk about her paper called, 'Robots, Men and Sex Tourism' which is all about the future of sex tourism in 2050 and well into the future - which involves robots. Michelle explains how she came to write the paper on this subject matter.

More advertisements and then another traffic report is presented.

Sandra Westbrook, (UK Correspondent) talks about the latest developments in the UK and across Europe - including the headlines on Pippa and Kate Middleton.

Samantha then signs off for the evening.