I was using six watts when you Received me. 2013-09-27.

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RNZ Collection
Leach, Maddie, Producer
Noble, Jem (b.1974), Assistant Producer

"I was using six watts when you Received me"
For SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial, 27 September – 9 November 2013, Christchurch.

The following is sourced from scapebiennial.org.nz:

From the wide open fields of Hagley Park, at scheduled but irregular times, radio operators from the Christchurch Amateur Radio Club will attempt to contact the International Space Station as it orbits above the city. 'I was using six watts when you Received me' has the radio call sign ZL3ISS and transmits on 107.1 FM for local 'ground-based' audiences. Working with material held by the National Sound Archive Ngā Taonga Kōrero here in Christchurch, the project includes pre-quake recordings made in buildings and spaces now lost or transformed. ISS contact sessions and local broadcasts are overlaid to produce intriguing new sonic artefacts.

Location: North Hagley Park. Look out for the van parked on the grass on the playing fields when transmission is underway. Bring your own FM radio and tune in! Come down and be part of the experience as radio operators attempt to contact the International Space Station this week. It will take approximately ten minutes for each transmission to occur, and we recommend you arrive ten minutes prior to the transmission time:
Tuesday 5 November 8.56pm & 10.31pm
Friday 8th 8.07pm & 9.43pm
Saturday 9th 7.20pm, 8.55pm & 10.32pm

[See also accession 14/050 for radio interviews about this project]

The following is sourced from the artists website (www.maddieleach.net):
Produced by Maddie Leach in collaboration with Jem Noble
Archived audio, VHF/FM transmitters, antenna, Ham Radio operators, Nissan Civilian bus, International Space Station, letterpress QSL confirmation cards.
Supported by Sound Archives Nga Taonga Kōrero and Christchurch Amateur Radio Club
Curator: Blair French
Project Manager: Jo Mair
Radio equipment and operation:
Christchurch Amateur Radio Club (ZL3AC)
Sound Archivist: Sarah Johnston
Print design: Warren Olds / Studio Ahoy
With warmest thanks to Rory Deans (ZL3HB), Sarah Johnston & Karen Neill at the Sound Archives, CCC Transport and Greenspace Unit and School of Art Whiti o Rehua, Massey University Wellington.

The following information is supplied by the artist:

Track list (34 files):
File 01=SCAPE7.001.GC_microbes_wizard.mp3
File 02=SCAPE7.002.TAL_radical_vacant_sections.mp3
File 03=SCAPE7.003.Cookie_Moyle_Carmen.mp3
File 04=SCAPE7.004.HP_dog_lady_flasher.mp3
File 05=SCAPE7.005.Ron_Mannix.mp3
File 06=SCAPE7.006.KOS_jester_mcchang.mp3
File 07=SCAPE7.007.LWR_garden_party.1.mp3
File 08=SCAPE7.008.Cathedral_bells_beards.mp3
File 09=SCAPE7.009.Commonwealth_crowd.mp3
File 10=SCAPE7.010.Southern_Cross_Civic.mp3
File 11=SCAPE7.011.HP_horse_patrol.mp3
File 12=SCAPE7.012.Railway_station.mp3
File 13=SCAPE7.013.GC_daffodils_extended.mp3
File 14=SCAPE7.014.Cathedral_bells_handbells.mp3
File 15=SCAPE7.015.LWR_royal_visit_machines.mp3
File 16=SCAPE7.016.KOS_street_kids.mp3
File 17=SCAPE7.017.HP_punting.mp3
File 18=SCAPE7.018.Springbok_tour.mp3
File 19=SCAPE7.019.KOS_Bin_lady.mp3
File 20=SCAPE7.020.Wm_Gray_Civic.mp3
File 21=SCAPE7.021.Factory_whistles.mp3
File 22=SCAPE7.022.Bob_Semple_1.mp3
File 23=SCAPE7.023.Bridle_path_reenactment.mp3
File 24=SCAPE7.024.TAL_recycling_loopy_news_change.mp3
File 25=SCAPE7.025.LWR_royal_visit.mp3
File 26=SCAPE7.026.KOS_beaten_up_lags_jock.mp3
File 27=SCAPE7.027.Lyttelton_Vai_Stan.mp3
File 28=SCAPE7.028.Show_week_that's_my_farm.mp3
File 29=SCAPE7.029.LWR_Dutch_woman_Nazareth.mp3
File 30=SCAPE7.030.VE_Day_square.mp3
File 31=SCAPE7.031.Commonwealth_drums.mp3
File 32=SCAPE7.032.KOS_cathedral_Dean.mp3
File 33=SCAPE7.033.Lyttelton_oonah.mp3
File 34=SCAPE7.034.Quake_audio_RNZ.mp3

Track relationship to original recordings supplied by the Sound Archives:

Organ recordings in the Civic Theatre: You're Lovely to Look At by William Gray; Southern Cross by William Gray.
Sampled in track 010, 020

V.E. Day Victory Celebrations Parade in Christchurch
Sampled in track 030

Address By Hon. R. Semple, State Theatre Christchurch (part 1)
11 Apr 1948
Sampled in track 022

Carmen. Christchurch Operatic Society. Theatre Royal, Christchurch.
10 Jul 1948
Sampled in track 003

Bridle Path trek during Canterbury Centennial.
21 Jan 1951
Sampled in track 023

Canterbury Roundabout. Presenter Fred Hyde visits the Cathedral.
31 Oct 1951
Sampled in interval signal appearing on all tracks. Also sampled in track 008, 014

Cookie Moyle – Christchurch Movie Theatre Promotion (1953)
Sampled in track 003

Royal tour 1953 to 1954. Christchurch Royal Progress.
20 Jan 1954
Sampled in track 007, 015, 025, 029

Canterbury roundabout. Laying railway station foundations.
19 Nov 1957. No. 311
Sampled in track 012

Christchurch factory whistles: 3ZB’s Roy Woodward. (c1964)
Sampled in track 021

The 1974 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony, QEII Park, Christchurch. 02 Feb 1974
Sampled in track 009, 031

Springbok Tour protests (1981)
Sampled in track 018

Ron Mannix - yodelling (1981)
Sampled in track 005

Spectrum: A Kind of Square (1987)
Sampled in track 006, 016, 019, 026, 032

Spectrum: Garden City Springtime (1988)
Sampled in track 001, 013
Spectrum: Show Week (1992)
Sampled in track 028

Spectrum: Between the Harbour and the Hills (1993)
Sampled in track 027, 033

Spectrum: A Park in the City Heart (1994)
Sampled in track 004, 011, 017

Spectrum: The Avon Loop (1997)
Sampled in track 002, 024

Quake audio 2011-02-22 ex RNZ Checkpoint (2011)
Sampled in track 034