Arrival of the Māori Battalion by train.

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D series, ca. 1935-1950s.
Māori radio programs
Radio programs
Sound recordings
RNZ Collection
Nepia, Ted, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Tibble, Whiro, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Saxby, Rangi Parerimu (d.2011), Speaker/Kaikōrero
New Zealand Broadcasting Service (estab. 1946, closed 1962), Broadcaster

An unidentified male announcer commentates a live broadcast from Gisborne railway station.

[The event is probably the arrival of the men of C Company of the 28th Māori Battalion, who arrived in Gisborne on 25th January 1946. According to 'Ngā tama toa = The price of citizenship : C Company 28 (Māori) Battalion 1939-1945' by Monty Soutar:
"The train was ahead of schedule for the official welcome into Gisborne, even though it had stopped at Muriwai and Matawhero...It was 9.20 a.m. when it eventually pulled in to the Gisborne station.” (NTT, p.365)]

A steam train can be heard pulling into the station. The announcer says it is carrying 200 “boys from the Māori Battalion for the Gisborne and East Coast districts. They are accompanied by 33 men of the Te Whānau-ā-Apanui tribe.” A brass band can be heard playing the Māori Battalion March in the background.
The announcer describes the scene as the men depart the train, embracing their wives. He names some of the men he can see: “Captain Reedy, Colonel Awatere, Lieutenant F. Tibble.” He speaks to [Te Rau] Whiro Tibble of Tikitiki, who sends a greeting in Māori.
He encourages a nurse, Sister [Rangi Parerimu] Saxby, to “send a cheerio.” She greets Te Whānau-ā-Apanui and Ngāti Porou.
Teddy [Edward Henry] Nepia of Manutuke also sends a greeting in Māori. The band continues to play for the last two minutes of the recording