Music of the Māori - Live Performances

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Single tracks of items. These items are from previous Festivals performed by Māori Clubs who were finalists for Festival 1979. They are all 'live' performances.

01 WAIHIRERE, Gisborne (0'00" - 2'22")
This item is a traditional chant of the Ngāti Porou tribes of the East Coast. It is called "Ko Turanga Wahine, Ko Turanga Tane" and is performed by the Waihirere Club of Gisborne.

02 SOUTH TARANAKI, Hawera/Patea (2'28" - 5'19")
This item is an original composition and it is performed by South Taranaki Club fro Hawera/Patea district. It is performed by them at the Royal N.Z. Polynesian Festival 1977 in Gisborne.

03 TE ROOPU MANUTAKI, Auckland (5'23" - 8'48")
Te Roopu Manutaki Club of Auckland are one of the three groups who have participated in every N.Z. Polynesian Festival. They won the main award of Festival'75 and this is their original Poi dance from Festival '77.

04 Ngāti RANGIWEWEHI, Rotorua (8'53" - 12'04")
Ngāti Rangiwewehi Club come from the Waiariki tribal area, from the city of Rotorua. They gained second place with this modern Action Song item from Festival '73.

05 SOUTH TARANAKI, Hawera/Patea (12'07" - 15'18")
South Taranaki Club is one of the three clubs who have taken part in every Festival and they have gained high placings in both cultural and choral sections. This is their choral item from Festival '73.

06 AUCKLAND ANGLICAN (15'26" - 17'49")
This chant was composed for the Auckland Anglican Club by their leader Archdeacon Kingi Ihaka and it was performed by them at the 1973 N.Z. Polynesian Festival held in Rotorua for which they gained second place.

07 MA WAI HAKONA, Upper Hutt (17'55" - 21'03")
Ma Wai Hakona Club from Upper Hutt, won the top award at the 1973 N.Z. Polynesian Festival and this original Poi in this chant form was created by their leaders - Dovey Katene-Horvarth - and gained them a second placing.