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Taonga Māori Collection
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Reedy, Hanara Tangiawha Te Ohaki, 1903-1971, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Kerekere, Wiremu Kīngi, 1923-2001, Presenter

Waiata tawhito: "Ka puta a Rua, taumata kei Pohatu e kura ai".

Wiremu Kerekere introduces the programme, which is a tribute to the late Arnold Reedy, OBE.

The death of a chief is always a sad occasion to the Māori, such was the
passing last Thursday of Mr Hanara Tangiawha Reedy, OBE; a well known
and respected elder of the Ngāti Porou people. He was a gallant soldier, a leader of men, and an officer in the famed Māori Battalion. This is an excerpt from an Anzac Day address he gave in 1965:
Kaikōrero Hanara Reedy:- E ko te ra e whakaaro nei tatou..

After returning from World War II, Hanara took up sheep farming and in 1949 was the first Māori member selected for the New Zealand delegation to the United Nations General Assembly. He stood several times as a political candidate for Eastern Māori, served on the Royal Commision into Māori land claims led by Sir Michael Myers, and was always interested in the well being of Māori land.
Kakōrero Hanara Reedy: talking about Māori land deterioration.

By his whakapapa Hanara was decended from the chiefly lines of the Ngāti Porou people. His mother was the late Materoa Ngarimu, acknowledged tribal leader of her day. He passed away at the age of 68, he was born at Whareponga. A sportsman he was always keen on football and was a former chariman of the East Coast Rugby Union. He was host speaker at the Māori welcome to the Springboks in Gisborne 1969.
Kaikōrero: Hanara Reedy

He was a tipua, a genius in the traditional ancient customs and art of his race, the whaikōrero, the waiata, the pakiwaitara of Ngāti Porou people and regarded as one of the outstanding orators of his time.

Excerpt from Te Manawa Kotoko opening on Taheke Marae, May 1964.
Kaikōrero Hanara Reedy: sings a waiata tawhito - Takoto ra, wai hoki ki te po, after his kōrero.
Hanara speaking at the Ringatu Centennial Hui at Ta Manuhiri Marae, Muriwai, July 1968.

Hanara's last public appearance was at the Cook Bi-Centenary celebrations. He was choosen to speak on behalf of the Māori people on the 9th October 1969.
- excerpt form his kōrero.

His tangihanga was held at Hiruharama marae in the shade of Hikurangi mountain.