Māori programme 1971-10-27

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Taonga Māori Collection
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Rewi, Moko
Rollo, Andrew
Harawira, Herepo, 1899-

75th Anniversary of Te Hapua School: Two of the original pupils were present at this event that took place during Labour weekend.

Many tributes were expressed during the celebrations. Mrs Lucy Baxter of Opononi, one of the very first pupils, broke out the flag at the top of the carved flag pole while the National Anthem was played with the Head Teacher, Mr Robin Shepherd playing his accordian with children taking part.

- kaikōrero: Moko Rewi, chairman of the Jubilee committee (in te reo Māori) Translated by Andrew Rollo. He recalls the first school was a raupo whare.

There was a roll call Saturday afternoon, followed by sports and a vey succesful concert in the evening.
One of the highlights of the concert was a dramatised illustration of how the white man first made contact with the northern-most Māori. This was presented by pupils of the school, under the superb direction of the Headmaster. [An excerpt is heard of the concert dramatisation.]

- kaikōrero: Rev Herepo Harawira.
- kaikōrero: Mr Irvine, whose mother was the very first teacher at the school
- kaikōrero: Mrs Lucy Baxter, sister to Mr Irvine.
- kaikōrero: Mr Shephard, present Head teacher of Te Hapua.

Some anecdotes are given from the school's history: 1917 school roll drops considerably due to war and bad weather;
-Jan 1919 Influenza epidemic swept thecountry killing 31 from the district;
- 1937 Mr Morgan head teacher reports gardening efforts distoyed by invading cattle;
- Sept 10 1943 days holiday granted, celebrate Italy's surrender
- Feb 25 1944, Dr. Beeby, Director of Education phoned from Houhora enquiring about the state of the road, then decided not to make the trip
- Sept 21 1948 The Poroporo ferry swamped, in shallow water
- April 22 1949 All children taken to the junction to await Lord and Lady Freyburg.
- June 29th Poroporo ferry is lost,
- 1965 New Headmaster reported we arrived in pouring rain after skidding off the road, we hit a bank.
- June 4 1970 The Te Hapua exchange was closed, and Te Hapua connected to Te Kao automatic exchange.
- Jubilee year 1971, Feb 22, the sailing ship "Endeavour II" was wrecked on the Parengarenga Bar, a site witnessed by the school children.