NIGHTLINE. 26/06/1991

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Presenter: Joanna Paul
Presenter: Belinda Todd
Reporter: Gordon McBride
Reporter: Janet McIntre
Reporter: Ian Wishart
Reporter: Marty McNamara
Reporter: Mark Everton

The prime minister is fed up with the constant opposition from his back bench.
His message is simple, shapeup or ship out.
Speakers: Gilbert Myles, (Roskill MP); Jim Bolger, (PM); Peter Hilt, (Glenfield MP); Winston Peters, (Maori Affairs Minister).

In Auckland a meter reader is suffering leg injuries and the English bull terrier cross responsible, is to be put down.
Speakers: Sergeant Andre Walker, (Otahuhu Police); Frank Webster, (Meter Reader).

A last minute dash has seen seven Japanese drivers make it into the Rothmans International Rally. Their cars had been held up on a stricken Chinese ship.

An endangered bird received a death sentence today. The bird hatched from one of the 50 eggs smuggled into the country. The rare parrot eggs will be transferred to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Unfortunately by the time the next flight leaves the hatchling will have starved.

There will be a high level investigation into the strip searching of a group of Hastings high school students by the Children’s Commission. The boys were forced to strip to their underwear in a hunt for illegal substances.

Christchurch Women’s Hospital told 300 staff it will close next March. The site of the hospital will be soled with the proceeds will help reduce the boards multimillion dollar overdraft.

Another hazardous toxic waste dump has been discovered in the Waikato and conservation authorities are demanding urgent action. The waste was dumped in a disused quarry, seven years ago.
Speaker: Chris Hanes, (Landowner)

Today in Auckland the Expo 92 team unveiled a little of their performance for the Seville Exposition. The general idea is to dramatize New Zealand’s national image.

Texas Art Schools, a new art gallery, has recently opened in Auckland.
Speakers: Helen Huitema, Kate Hennebry, (Gallery Owners).

Rachel Hunter and husband Rod Stewart are to sing New Zealand’s praises in an international marketing campaign.

A payroll worth as much as 160 thousand dollars is missing from the safe of the Survey Ship Tui. Police and the Navy are working on the disappearance.

Tired of listening to their MPs about the governments U-turns on policy, a group of superannuitants is trying alternative tactics. They want to take some ministers, including the prime minister, to court for breaking election promises.
Speakers: Peter Wright, (Super-Ants Incorporated); Dr Jerry Elkind, (Associate Professor of Law).

Business Matters - Three Cabinet Ministers are among others New Zealanders who may have to cover some of the losses incurred by Insurers Lloyds of London who are about to announce a 500 million pound loss.
Speaker: Malcolm Gomme-Duncan, (Lloyd’s Name).

Check-UP - A team of Christchurch scientists is working on a revolutionary new technique to rebuild human skulls.
Speaker: Dr Richard Fright, (Medical Engineer).