NIGHTLINE. 27/06/1991

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Presenter: Eric Young
Presenter: Belinda Todd
Reporter: Ian Wishart
Reporter: Gordon McBride
Reporter: Janet McIntyre
Reporter: Stephen Christensen

A Vietnam war hero is behind bars in an Auckland police station tonight - caught up in the dispute between the government and the Hells Angles. Even though the man has no criminal convictions, immigration won’t let him into the country and he is about to become a legal test case.
Speaker: Bill Birch, (Immigration Officer); Phil Schubert, (NZ Hells Angles President)

Six Thai dances detained last week after they tried to enter the country have now been granted permission to stay while they apply for work permits.

Rebel backbencher Gilbert Myles was told he would be kicked out of caucus if he kept criticising government policies. In response he said he would toe the line if Finance Minister Ruth Richardson was given her marching orders.
Speaker: Gilbert Myles, (Roskill MP)

Wage earners maybe facing an additional tax after the budget. The money raised will be used to fund ACC. ACC Minister Bill Birch wants to shift the cost of non related work accidents away from employers.

Auckland detectives may have to set sale with the Navy as they investigate a burglary aboard the Navy Research Vessel Tui, after a 150,000 dollar pay roll went missing.

Fluoride is back in Hastings water and some people are unhappy with the district council. The practice had been stopped 12 months ago but was restarted last week after the pro fluoride lobby won a referendum.

5 newly hatched rare parrot check are to fly out to Singapore tomorrow after having their death sentence comminuted.

One of the countries newest commuter airlines was grounded today putting 20 pilots out of work. Astral Air Services had been flying under the Tranzair banner between Auckland, Napier and Wellington but the cost of the planes proved too much for the company.

Eve Van Grafhorst met the Wellington couple who made her trip to Disneyland possible, with their lotto winnings.
Speakers: Eve Van Grafhorst; Hazel Mollier, Eddie Mollier (Benefactors).

Alpine rescue squads are in training on Mt Ruapehu as they prepare for a busy winter season. They are working with a new organisation, The Ruapehu Alpine Rescue Organisation, set up after the mountain claimed the lives of six young solders last year.
Speakers: Russell Montgomery, (Department of Conservation); Don Bogie, (Ruapehu Alpine rescue Organisation).

Four Viking musicians are visiting Auckland.

Keith Scott an Australian impersonator is touring.
Speaker: Keith Scott, (Impressionist)